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Honestly, I’d like to see something different. Something fun. I won’t ask that you build us a shopping centre like Grimsby or Hull, because that won’t happen. I just don’t understand the thought behind an urban garden at church square. I spent many days there as a teenager but times have changed and that end is dead. Who is going to sit there other than council staff that work there or the local drunk? It’s too far to get food from town, walk to church square. I’d have eaten it on the way. Just some cool and interesting features around town. My suggestion is coming, if you are converting church square, which you will because that’s what you want to do. Can we PLEASE have some outdoor events here! Outdoor cinema, Christmas skating rink, mini festivals and arts and cultural performances. Get the art center involved. Make use of it rather than once a year sticking up a stage to switch on the lights. Form a community and bring us together with things happening and things to see and do.

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