Extend seawall to Sandsend

The extension of the seawall from upgang to Sandsend will have several benefits;
The wall would provide protection for the unstable cliff and the golf coarse. The existing wall is a popular walk, cycling, and recreation facility and extending the wall would increase the health and recreational facilities for visitors and residents. There would be economic benefits by increasing visitor footfall, business opportunities.

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3 comments on “Extend seawall to Sandsend

  1. Extending the sea wall would not only enhance the facility for cycling and walking but could also protect the natural clay cliffs from erosion and allow people to get up close to nature, enhancing the nature facility would attract more wildlife, double benefit for all.

  2. I firmly disagree that extending the seawall would benefit the town. The beach past the end of the sea wall is an important area of natural beauty and provides the habitat for many birds, including sand martins who nest in the clay cliffs. There are plenty of effective ways to stabilize the cliffs, and there is already a footpath along the road to Sandsend. If we don’t protect the natural beauty of the area, the town will lose what is truly special. Some things are more important than making money.

  3. My mum and I love to have a late night walk on the beach and extending the sea wall would be an amazing idea so we could walk further .

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