Extend the tram to Heywood and Bury

Extend the metrolink trams from Rochdale through to Heywood and on to Bury using existing railway lines (train-tram) and the heritage East Lancashire Railway. Connecting the town centres of Rochdale, Heywood and Bury with fast and reliable tram services allows these three towns to collectively benefit from each of their strengths and compete with nearby urban centres.

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44 comments on “Extend the tram to Heywood and Bury

  1. In the 50s and 60s thousands of mancunians moved out to Heywood on the darnhill overspill estate, my family included.

    As a young adult, I felt I had to leave the area in search of opportunities in the fields I wanted to work in because the transport links to the city from the north side of town have always been shambolic.

    Having now lived in most areas in greater Manchester throughout my life I can safely say the worst connected area is sadly that end of Heywood.

    There are a few mentioning that the area needs the money for other things connected to lack of opportunity.

    Transport links can provide that. How many young entrepreneurs could open shops or other businesses with 1000s of people visiting the area.

    Makes sense to me.

  2. Rochdale definitely needs to become more desirable. There is so much improvement that is needed I don’t think £25m will be enough. The roads particularly in areas of low council tax are awful, the whole of Yorkshire Street needs some money to make the town centre more appealing, mental health services, getting rid of drugs, pay salaries to HMRC to rid tax evaders particularly takeaways, car mechanics and other cash businesses, crime reduction. The list goes on. I love Rochdale, but it needs to be taken care of. Appreciate anyone who read my rant

  3. More investment In mental health services.

    More investment in services in helping whose who are homeless.

    More money for sure start centre as they are vital in supporting when people have new babies.

    Youth centres in every neighbourhood of rochdale to ensure all the young people have a place to go and meet up to keep them off the streets, away from drugs and violence.

    More help for struggling families for example food banks clothes banks.

  4. I think the money should be invested in the youth, as the youth are the next generation that will be bringing in revenue for the government. To elaborate, I think the money should be spent to educate and make every child in the town literate and help them achieve stability. This will reduce crime rate. The money should be spent on youth clubs, schools and also cleansing the town of crimes to enable and allow all the individuals to develop a professional career.

    1. As a second generation overspill mancunion raised in darnhill, I was always keloid of the opportunities my cousins and friends had who were closer too or connected better to the city region.
      Depriving the youth of these links is depriving them of opportunities.

  5. Extend the tram through to Norden, Bamford and Bury, thus linking through to Manchester. This will significantly reduce the traffic on the roads and help with congestion and the climate control.

  6. Infrastructure and development.

    Make Rochdale a desirable and accessible town; this will bring more people to the town and the private money will follow.

    Bamford and Norden are screaming out for better transport links into Manchester. So many commuters are left to drive. Heywood will help…

  7. Investment in mental health service who arent at crisis point who dont want to get to crisis point
    More full time permanent jobs to help who struggle to make ends meet.
    Good idea for the trams

  8. Definitely agree with bringing trams through Heywood, Rochdale and Bury, will bring real benefits to the area.

  9. We really need a health/centre. I noticed whilst doing my science degree research, that alot of the general public don’t know enough about what goes on inside the body, mental health and the sex education being taught at schools is a joke.
    1) build a health centre
    2) have healthcare professionals giving out advice or lessons
    *note: when it comes to changing diet for issues like diabetes the information available at the GP or on the NHS website is very limited and mainly European dishes. It would be nice to have a nutritionist on staff who knows different food cultures.
    -some mental health counselling would also be great
    3) hold classes, seminars and one on one sessions

    Sustainability can also be part of the centre to combat climate change and to help rochdale meet its carbon emission targets.
    4) sustainability classes( useful to have a garden and class kitchen)
    5) incentivise sustainability e.g money/ prize draws for household who has the biggest decrease in energy emissions in a month

  10. More investment into the local authorities – Education and Social Care. Investment in local policing infrastructure.

  11. 1. Build more affordable housing. Also create more single storey accommodation suitable for our ageing population.
    2. Invest in and expand Rochdale Infirmary to serve local population.
    3. Invest and develop existing public transport systems.

  12. Free trams any place. 24/7.Do me just good. God bless the queen and her family. And rest of the local government . ameen.

    Bottom line never late for work.
    Alway on time services

    A better place a better invoroment
    A better town a better place to live. A bright future .

  13. Free home improvement grants in all areas of rochdale.

    Homeless of the streets, in to care center with free british id name to them self.

    A full stop to drugs.

    More jobs.

  14. We need more free law social advice center in all areas mon to fri

    Help in filling forms
    Help in all kind of advice in life
    Affairs. Social. law. Immigration etc…

  15. Extending the Tram system to Bury via Heywood would bring many benefits to both end destinations and along the route. The private car traffic is at peak times very heavy and this impact on the frequency of the Bus traffic with many of the busses bunched together because of delays along the route.

  16. Provide accomodation and support for the homeless including help with addiction. If these people can be given work experience by helping where needed in the community that might help them get on the path to recovery or a boost in self esteem and give them a sense of purpose.
    More police and particularly a crackdown on cars racing around the streets.
    More investment in Social Care for the elderly and those with mental health problems

  17. Extend the tram through Norden.

    Reuse and regenerate empty buildings before building new.

    Invest in the infrastructure before building new houses. If more people are moving in we need more doctors, dentists and nurses. We need more hospital beds, more paramedics on duty to cope with extra demand, more police and fire crews. We also need more school places and more staff.

    We need better road surfaces.

    The roundabout off the motorway leading to Elizabethan way needs moving from permanent to temporary lights.

    Bus services to outlying areas need to be more frequent.

    Litter needs clearing.

  18. Fixing the roads is an absolute must, all over rochdale and in and out of Rochdale they are at the worst I’ve ever known, pot holes, loose surface, uneven surface everywhere.

    1. Agreed!!
      I’m a bus driver and can categorically say Rochdale roads are in my opinion probably the worst around Greater Manchester

  19. No thats not important, because there as going already inuff busses,
    We didnt need this facility,
    -We need rochdale clean,
    -We need the Parks beautiful,
    -Need to do better the police service,
    -Make some parking for cars, so the streets are little bit large and no one will crash, more side are Parked the car, have some difficult some time to pass in some streets,
    And more much,

    1. This is a definate priority. Rubbish on the streets is letting Rochdale down and a disgrace. Get more jobs created with litter wardens.
      As for parking, get more traffic wardens and when schools get enlarged make sure there is a place for parents to pick up children. The traffic problems caused at school dropping of and picking up times is mad.

  20. The Government /Local Council need to invest in promoting Castleton Village to attract new buSinesses and attract the younger generation looking to invest in buying their own property with easy access to Manchester & easy access to the motorway networks. Castleton could be another ‘Didsbury’ with nice eateries and wine bars with views of the canal

    1. I agree Castleton seems to have been forgot about. It could be a lovely place if the right funding went in to it. The canal could use increased security either cameras or patrol officers as people who used to stroll along there are now scared due to the increase in crime.

  21. Put the money in to making Special Educational Needs provision within mainstream settings better. Train head teachers teachers and all staff to better understand hidden disabilities. Provide more paid send trained TA roles to provide 1 to 1 support within the classroom.

  22. Cameras on Sandbrook junction.

    People go in the ‘forward’ to A627 Lane from Sandbrook, and then turn left as it is quicker than going on the actual slip to veer left.

  23. * Speed reduction measures through Castleton to Slattocks.

    * Speed reduction measures from Castleton, down Queensway, to Sandbrook.

  24. No to the teams, we need more things to do with kids there is nothing to do my my kids apart from park please invest in activities. Bus only take 15 mins to bury why spend money on point less things

  25. Use the money to improve activities and centres, such as sure start, for children. Make more free, active and fun things for children to do on weekends and as part of school trips.

  26. Trams from Rochdale to Bury would be great .I have to use the 471 bus to get to Bury.Purports to be a 10 minute interval service. I regularly wait 30 to 50 minutes for a bus. Terrible service.Sack the bus company and get the tram up and running.

  27. I think this is a fantastic idea as we need better links and public transportation is a great way of bringing people back into the towns rather than shopping outlets

  28. Have better tram facilities link up to local or neighbouring towns. Rochdale already has trams however they are limited to 1 Town which is only going to Oldham at the moment. Take the trams to further nearby towns. Such as Bury, Bolton, Ashton, etc. Improve and have more buses in areas in Rochdale such as
    Shawclough and Healey Dell areas.

    Improve the town with better shops so that people don’t have to travel as far out, needs a H and M next, primark, more sports shops and more clothes shops etc.

    Would be good if they could invest in better traffic lights system in order to flow the traffic in certain areas morning traffic is taking forever because the lights at the moment don’t flow traffic, Makes us late For work and for travelling in and out of Rochdale.

    Investing in more cheap new homes in all areas across Rochdale their is enough empty lands.

    Have more retail parks in areas which don’t have anything.

    Build more factories and have more call centers here in Rochdale may help with creating more jobs.

    Help give funding to young or middle aged people to start and set up their new business. Give them a grant or some sort of help funding

    Help homeless people provide them With a safe center or a Safe dry Place to rest, sleep or stay. Keeping them off the cold dark streets. Help them with funding to get a new Home and a good job. So that they can earn an Income for them selves.

    Give the police more funding to make streets safer and catch the real criminals. too many criminals getting away and not enough police to catch them.

    Open up more youth centers to keep teenagers off the streets and get them Into heath clubs and sports clubs.
    Open more gyms in areas without 1 such as Shawclough etc.

    Build about 5 hotels in different areas so that families and businesses workers have somewhere to stay when they visit Rochdale.

    Improve on better park. Facilties so that people. From other towns want to visit.

    Improve sandbrook Park cinema Rochdale its so run down needs a make over and needs more on there. Needs a bigger car park it’s far to small needs and extention

  29. More primary school places, more gp surgery, fix the potholes. More CCTV. Play areas for the kids, not just parks kick pitches skate parks, bike tracks.

  30. That sounds good. Will there be a tram line running through to Middleton also? Will would make travelling so much easier and connected more places.
    Also Rochdale needs to build upon a model like Bury where the town centre has residencies in the actual town centre…which is working well in Bury.Rochdale used to have a busy market which people would travel too also. Homelessness also is an issue and needs addressing. What support is available for this? Many Thanks

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