The town needs better fitness facilities that include swimming pool with classes for elderly and disabled Aqua exercise. We also need better health facilities with more community responders and access to dentist within mablethorpe instead of travelling to other towns
The roads with seasonal parking restrictions also need updating with surface repairs and road markings brought upto date. It’s no use just putting something here for summer visitors we need infrastructure for residents first as this will promote local pride that then works to bring in more seasonal visitors to a happier resident community

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2 comments on “Facilities

  1. At present the primary school has to bus children to Skegness to learn to swim – transport costs are so high only years 5/6 go once a week. A local facility would mean more of our children can learn to swim and free up more school budget for other activities or learning experiences

  2. I would like to see a residents parking scheme introduced too. Many residential streets have the 1 hour parking with no return in an hour, the majority of Mablethorpe’s residents don’t have access to off street parking. I personally don’t mind paying for this scheme.

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