Facilities for our young people

I am really pleased to see the investment and facilities that will be going into Central Park very soon, this will certainly improve facilities for our young people. However facilities such as all weather pitches or indoor large spaces that can be utilised, hired or used by groups of young people, especially by the great amount of cadet groups we have in the Town is sadly either expensive to hire or already booked up which means we need to look for other facilities outside of Boston or even the Borough. I would like to see investment within the town centre for facilities that can be utilised by and for young people to use. Unfortunately youth centres, county council or voluntary youth services have seen a decline over the years due to changes in funding / resources, I believe investment now for our young people will encourage them to reside, bring up their own families and work to and for Boston in the future.

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  1. Our children need somewhere to go hang out together but also somewhere we’re they’re not upsetting the public. We need more social places the children can meet up. The reason kids are get in to bother is because they’re board and need entertainment like a youth group again.

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