Facilities needed to improve the lifestyle of the residents

A Leisure Centre is needed, including a swimming pool, and room for team games and fitness classes, which would get the people of Stainforth fitter, and give the youths somewhere to go. More retail shops are needed rather than fast food outlets, and the existing business owners should be made to tidy up the outside of their premises. Cheaper business rates would attract businesses to the shops and units and create jobs. The unmade roads should be surfaced, e.g. Hall Road and the access road to the car park behind the shops in the village centre which is rarely used because of the access road. Stainforth is proud of it’s canal and river, and the walk from the bridge to the New Inn should be made into a proper feature walkway with Victorian lamps to light it up and create a focal point. The railway station should have access from the Stainforth side with safe parking, this would help to get people travelling on public transport rather than using their own cars.

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