• Upgrade and build new toilets. Visitors are discouraged from attending if they are unable to find a loo.
  • Park and Ride system
  • Better planting around the area making area more attractive to visitors on arrival
  • Larger more attractive litter bins (animal figures would encourage children to litter pick)
  • Water attractions to enable children to play safely (e.g. water spouts squirting water)
  • Touch screen display board in Margate Station signposting visitors to accommodation, bars, eating places, nearby attractions – could benefit all Thanet towns.
  • Laser light show in evenings
  • Street cleaning – remedying blocked drains, removing vegetation which is damaging pavements and walls
  • Guards to stop sand blowing from beach onto pavement and across road – on a bad day this is like a sandstorm

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21 comments on “Facilities

  1. Margate would benefit from having a concrete outdoor skatepark. This would attract more people into Margate, therefore attracting the town’s other aspects it has to offer. It would also please many locals and keep young people out of trouble. Would also give young people an outlet to practise skills they can’t do at school.

  2. Concrete skatepark needed in Margate!!
    This would increase tourism in the area, reduce crime in the streets and please many locals.

  3. We need a skatepark in Margate to provide facilities for the young people to do activities such as skateboarding because they have no other good skateparks without paying to travel outside of Thanet.

    1. I’ve always thought a water park is something that would attract lots of visitors and also keep us locals happy! Not sure where it would be situated. A park and ride scheme is also a great idea.
      Margate and surrounding areas also need a good clean up, most of the road sides are filled with litter and other debris that just seem to be ignored by officials, the roads need regular sweeping and the grass verges need attending to. More bins are required to encourage people not to litter. Somehow encourage individuals to respect where they live.

  4. Think a skatepark would benefit margate significantly because it will help people staying out of trouble like groups of boys in the road also margate doesn’t have any facilities for the youngsters.

  5. A skatepark would bring people to the area from other towns, these people will then spend money in local shops and businesses and help Margate. It would also reduce skaters on the streets and helps lower the risk to damage of property.

  6. A new skatepark in margate is totally necessary with the recent growth in tourism and urbanisation it would serve as a great attraction and would cut down people skating in other unauthorised areas

  7. I believe we should have a skatepark built, a high quality possible concrete, not pre-fab [pre-fabricated] skatepark. This would give many people in the community a place to go and connect, Make friends and stay safe – giving young people something to do, learn and improve on (such as skating, scootering, in-line etc.) would keep them away from committing crimes or staying out of trouble etc.

    Bad Luck Skateboarding.

  8. Margate is named as the dirtiest town in Thanet. The street are covered with rubbish and delapidating buildings.
    Some work has been done but still there is lots to do. Stink around Tuner Contemporary is unbearable at times.
    Change of use of the empty buildings need to be quicker.
    Restaurants and coffee bars need to smarten up. Customer service improvement needed.
    Margate is well geographically positioned to be leading seaside holiday resort. Tourism will boost economy.

  9. New toilets would be very welcome and not just for visitors. The ones we have are pretty disgusting and I only use them in an emergency. You would only need one cleaner to go around them all and keep them spotless. Well said.

    1. We should have a skate park built, it will bring together the community and make chances to make friends through skateboarding. It will give kids something to do instead of hanging around on the streets. Margate has needed a decent skate park for ages.
      Margate should also have street cleaning, it would make Margate look more appealing and bring in tourists.

  10. Build and upgrade public toilets. Botany Bay has a filthy, dilapidated facility for thousands of visitors every day.

    Encourage visitors to park in Margate or Cliftonville town where they might actually spend money. Free parking close to beaches on Palm Bay, Walpole Bay (along from Tidal pool on prom) and Botany Bay is bonkers – zero benefit to local economy. Use aggressive parking charges near beaches to subsidise free parking in Margate and a park n ride in the town centre.

  11. Couldn’t agree with you more.
    Although basics like cleaning the high street daily should be done without seeking this to be an extra, it should be standard during peak summer months and often out of them!

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