Fastest broad band in the world

Make Warrington have the fastest boardband in the world 500k plus available to al houses and business

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8 comments on “Fastest broad band in the world

  1. Here at Woolston we only can get Virgin broadband, BT do not offer fibre here it’s as fast as dial up. BT said they will install it if we get a cooperative of neighbours to contribute to the installation. Everyone should have a choice of providers and cheap Broadband, Virgin know they are the only providers and they won’t negotiate on price.

  2. I think that driving this at national level by increasing the minimum mandatory broadband speed above 10 Mbps, which is the current legal requirement.

    South Korea, a larger country, rewired their entire internet infrastructure so that the slowest home internet packages is 100 Mbps actual speed. So why can’t the UK do it?

  3. You don’t actually need that much width to have very fast broadband. We have very fast width, I don’t see why we should spend money so we can brag and say we’ve got the fastest when it can function on much smaller band widths and still be very fast.

  4. Yes. Winwick park for some reason is ignored by virgin and Openreach. We literally had to fight to finally get FTTC. Now a lot of areas are getting FTTP despite rollout being incredibly easy on winwick Park it’s not in the plans.

  5. 100 percent agree, my WiFi is shocking and can barley load streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Video

  6. Warrington is a success story for inward investment from overseas, but it cannot standstill.

    Post-Brexit, a town like Warrington will offer a significant advantage to more businesses from the rest of the world because of our location and experience.

    Any incoming businesses will demand the best connectivity and communications, so cost-effective superfast broadband will be essential.

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