Ferry Fryston Wasteland

Near Tieve Tara medical center in Ferry Fryston there’s a big wild area, it is notorious for people fly tipping, hunting, day drinking and drug dealing. It’s a disgusting wasteland knee deep in rubbish and waste. It would benefit our area if the land was levelled and recreated into a controlled giant garden with public gravel paths; trees; attractive plants for bees and insects; bird houses; public benches and bins; overhead lighting and CCTV.
There’s paths that have been carved through the brambles and thorn bushes to create shortcuts to the doctors, I use to regularly use these. But now from the over growth of wild nettles and bushes, and the dangerous litter, that plus the dangerous looking people that regularly hang out in this area I now walk round.
There would need to be bollards introduced at each entry point to stop motorcyclists driving through too.

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