Fighting obesity

I attend on-line and in person sessions with a group called ALM Fitness they offer fitness, wellbeing, nutrition advice and support. They have helped 100s of people to get fit and lose weight and continue with healthy lifestyles. Worcestershire would do well to recommend ALM to the health commissioners and social prescribers. The method used by this group makes it easy for any of us at any age to become healthier and it would support our local nhs by helping to combat the obesity crisis. During the C19 lockdown and restrictions, I have joined daily excessive classes on Zoom with ALM and get weekly support to ensure that I am staying on track with healthy eating. I know that I speak for all of the members in saying that ALM is a lifeline. It’s a community supported by trained, skilled, caring coaches. Every county would benefit from support of this kind.

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  1. Eating and drinking healthily is important, but so too is regular exercise. One of the simplest, cheapest and best ways of including this in your daily routine is to cycle to work, shop or simply for leisure. There are plenty of studies that demonstrate that those who cycle regularly are not only healthier, but also experience a far lower incidence of life threatening diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Happy to provide details on relevant studies if needed, but also usefully summaries on the Cycling UK website.

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