Fix the roads, potholes & remove salterbeck speedbumps

The town isn’t the richest town. More care needs to be taken by the council to the roads, they’re covered in potholes and they crack or cause flat spots in alloys which then costs the car owner to buy new ones or get them fixed. There is always glass on the roads causing punctured tyres. There is an excessive amount of speedbumps all around salterbeck, there does not need to be so many! Especially seen as you have to go 5mph over them and there are double parked cars all around them so you cant drive over them straight , they are way to big and cause allot more wear on parts of the car than it would if there wasnt speedbumps everywhere and hitting them wrong is bad. Also instead of a roundabout at the end of john street in town there should be a traffic light system as there is often crashes / near misses there! There’s un-necessary money being spent on roundabouts in places like near moorclose chippy or harrington road / vulcans lane! More garages could also be built to be rented out.

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