Flood defences

Worcester sits on the River Severn, and as such critical transport links, homes and businesses are vulnerable to flooding. Flooding can have devastating personal, environmental and economic costs. It is essential that future-looking investment is made to provide adequate flood defences for the city, and to create flood alleviation and balancing areas that will be able to hold vast quantities of water upstream on land that is designed for this purpose and where flooding will have much less impact, with these being designed to protect the city for at least the next fifty years.

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12 comments on “Flood defences

  1. The most effective way of mitigating floods in Worcester is to have a more absorbent landscape upstream, rather than just trying to displace the water which is already in the river. This would involve much increased re-afforestation in the Welsh mountains and changes to farming practise – when ploughing occurs, how fields are drained, etc – in the whole Severn system. We have to recognise that the cricket ground and the race course areas are part of the appropriately named flood plain, and that the only way to reduce the number of occasions on which they flood is by taking the approach outlined in the first couple of sentences.

  2. National Planning Policy and Planning Law should be changed, to prevent future development, on flood plains. District planning committees should be able to reject planning applications, for all developments on flood plains, safe in the knowledge an appeal will not be allowed.

  3. Agree, the problem that we have currently is that nobody is being innovative in the ways of flood prevention. Adult Trees can soak up 50+ gallons of water this would be more effective than our current flood defences. The education sector should be deploying our children on school trips to areas where they can plant trees to help lift the amount of water that just sits on top of the land.

    When placing barricades all your doing is diverting the volume of water to another area which then increases the floodable area.

  4. Further improvements in flood defences should be made a priority to reduce disruption to businesses, residents and visitors.

  5. I agree with the increasing of flood defences in the city of Worcester to protect vulnerable riverside properties and businesses and sports places like the racecourse and cricket ground

  6. The current flood defences on hylton road just do not work! What is even the point, men paid hours to install them, they do not work every single time and them someone has to take down and clear up…what a waste of money and man hours. Spend some money and do the job properly..

  7. I’m sure dredge the river and build a flood defenses is good idea. I realised is a building plan for next few years but its possible. If natura river will be “drained in shape” will be less flood in strategic areas. Of course we can keep fields outside the city centre.

  8. It baffles me how a city like Worcester doesn’t have a good flood defence due to the high possibility of flooding after any amount of rain. Put them in place before it floods instead of
    After it’s flooded

  9. The current flood defences aren’t sufficient. Especially with investment of the dual carriageway of the A4440 we need to ensure this always stays open as well as the link road with Malvern not to mention town itself

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