Food Waste Collection And Public Gardens

We already collect garden waste and turn it into compost, we should collect home food waste to further make compost and use the product to help cultivate public garden.
Worcester is riddled with green spaces that could have plants put in, plus if you built up some dykes (in chapter meadows for example) and planted deeprooted things like rosemary it would act as a flood defence too.
You could create jobs to oversee the cultivation and strengthen communities by hosting gardening days. You create local produce and could get schools involved so kids can learn about self-sufficiency.
It would be labour intensive, but people volunteer for this kinda thing so you’d only need to employ directors. And the labour load is good as it brings people together, social contact theory is a nice example of the lasting effects of sustained interaction.
This’d be a low cost plan that would boost sustainability, flood defence, community spirit and make Worcester a more beautiful place to visit.

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