Free/ cheap removal of old furniture/ large electrical waste

I used to live in Gelsenkirchen, which is in Germany. There, it is free to ask the council to pick up and recycle furniture/ large electronical waste once a year. This helped, over time, to stop people dumping everything into nature. Walking along the roads over here looks like no one cares about their surroundings, because you find so much litter, which people just dump everywhere. I guess this happens so much, because people don’t know what else to do with it, as having it picked up costs a fortune and barely anyone seems to be willing/able to pay for it. Speaking from experience, I am sure something like this would make the area look a lot nicer.
How does it work in Germany? You ring up the council and tell them your name and adress and what you want picking up (old furniture or fridges, TVs etc.). They offer an available appointment and ask you to put everything close to the road on the agreed pick up day. You put everything outside you want to get rid off, they pick it up.

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