The only way our centre can really compete is by levelling the playing field and not charging people for the privilege of looking round. Most major retailers who closed in Rotherham mentioned parking charges as one of the reasons and most friends I talk to who don’t visit town say why should they pay to shop?? Usually, the people with more to spend drive. Stop charging for parking!

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5 comments on “FREE PARKING

  1. I think people are not visiting Rotherham Town Centre due to the lack of shops, desolate and unmodernised appearance – not because of the parking. Every town/city I have lived in, you need to pay to park in the Town Centre. That is the norm across the whole country. Apart from the market, there isn’t much to offer in the Town Centre, especially for younger generations, where all of their shops are either at Parkgate or Meadowhall.

  2. I am in agreement with this comment – you cant buy better fresh food than from Rotherham’s markets/stalls but I don’t because I have to pay for parking and then walk a distance with loaded bags. Not just free parking though, joined up transport links. Why cant we have the tram/train which stops at Parkgate Retail World carrying onto Manvers where there’s employment hub. It would ease traffic congestion on Rawmarsh Hill, Parkgate roundabouts. Rotherham town centre could become a social hub of leisure & entertainment with cafe’s, bars which would complement the new developments at Forge Island. Come on, lets get some joined up thinking lets put Rotherham back on it’s feet again and instead of clusters of developments, lets pull it all together with good accessible transport links for everyone.

  3. The town centre has seen the closure of some major retail outlets only to relocate on to the outskirts, Parkgate Retail World where parking is easy and free, they have also extended the offer with restraunts in this area. This has had a big impact on the decline of Rotherham Town Centre as the charges for parking and access to the town centre shops is not easy. People have opted for Parkgate because its free to park and easy. The town centre could be a vibrant meeting place with the developments taking place but I fear this will be impacted by the charges and accessability. Plough some money into this and we will see the town centre flourish, more people will visit which in turn will encourage more small business. I remember when Rotherham was a lovely place to visit.

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