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  1. Is it really that difficult to ‘get into town’? I don’t believe it is. Parking is actually competitive by comparison with other areas, so can we not be more imaginative about what will bring people into the town. Retail is changing, we can’t stop that as we all want an on-line bargain, so lets look at how we can change the town centre to support and develop the existing retail, yes, but it must be a place to live and spend leisure time. Simply offering free parking will not encourage behaviour change, we need the town to be a place where people live and bring vibrancy.
    Lets stop keep telling the world you can’t get here and it costs the earth to park when you arrive and promote the cultural, heritage and market town asset we have. I read a report recently which said the town should shout out for Boston. I agree, too many naysayers bring down the hard work of others and achieve nothing.

  2. 20 or 30 minutes free parking would be great for people dropping off banking or collecting items from shops. Often when we shop online it gives us the option for ‘delivery to store’ but people don’t choose it as it costs to park in town so people would prefer to have it delivered to there home and wait around from the deliver instead of collecting at there convenience and potentially buying things in town whilst they are there.

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