Free WIFI @ Digital Marketing of Long Eaton.

There should be WiFi in the town centre.
Long Eaton’s presence on google maps is limited, especially because street view doesn’t cover the high street. I would like a proposal to be put together regarding building a website for the town which includes an interactive map and links and a reliable search for all businesses.
We need to investigate the use of qr codes and augmented reality and a high degree of interpretation for the town.
We should investigate funding for training for businesses so that they can update their website, and maximise their use of the internet. Most successful retail businesses, like next, have a physical presence which they also use to front internet trading. We need to investigate the case for, and business interest in, training and technical support for using the internet to boost the success of long Eaton’s retail sector.
Whoever we engage to help us with this should be based in Long Eaton and be committed to a long-term presence.

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1 comment on “Free WIFI @ Digital Marketing of Long Eaton.

  1. Hi Denise

    Totally agree about the need for Wifi in the town centre and the other points raised. Apologies for my late entry but we are only now just returning after the lockdown period.

    Local Exposure is a digital marketing business based in Long Eaton. We would be happy to look at assisting with getting a Streetview on Google of the missing section of the high street. We are also looking at providing a community video of the businesses in Long Eaton that are now up and running again for free and will be looking at places to promote this on such as Facebook groups and YouTube etc.

    We are happy to help businesses in the area with assistance in better promotion through Google and their website as well as social platforms such as Facebook.

    Local Exposure provides websites, streetview photography and online marketing services in the area so would be happy to discuss further and provide a framework and costings for achieving this.

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