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First a positive observation – I have found staff in shops and cafes to be particularly friendly and helpful in Shipley. Feels like a step back in time in a good way. I love the sense of community in Shipley.
On the downside, when I visit Shipley it is usually on Saturday mornings. Last time I was there I noticed so much rubbish on the ground. Seemed really neglected and I cared for. Such a shame when so many people are working hard to keep their businesses successful around the main square.

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5 comments on “Friendly staff

  1. Turn the town square into a place of recreation where people feel safe to visit. There is space for a large park that could help regenerate nearby shops/cafes as parents can enjoy coffee whilst children play.

    I echo what others have said about the litter. We need better enforcement of littering and also ask shops to proactively clean around their shop front. Gregg’s is a huge cause of litter in the town centre.

    We have a lot of 70’s brutalist buildings in the centre which could be improved immensely with new glazing and cladding. Make the area a nice place to visit and people will visit.

    The train station could also do with better access between platforms and linking to the town centre. Walking from the centre requires crossing a busy road.

    Finally I would like to see lighting on the canal between the town centre and dock fields. There is more housing in the dock fields area. Many of the residents use the canal to access the town. In winter it can feel dark and dangerous for some members of the community compared to the side running to Saltiare.

  2. Once Shipley tax office closes this year please consider using the carpark and land as a centre for families for recreation, a roller skate rink, small pet animal centre, cinema, ice cream parlour, soft play centre, coffee shop and wine bar and picnic spots, it is at the side of the river and canal and backs on to saltaire. This will be good all round, it will generate jobs and make the centre of Shipley a busier place

    1. Let horse riders onto the track at briggate through to the bottom of gaisby lane, this would be a fabulous resource, yes it’s wide enough, dog walkers on one side, cyclists in the middle, horse riders on the other side, it would be a huge improvement and riders can keep an eye on what is fast becoming a major issue with drug takers and dealers

  3. I agree that rubbish and dog dirt are a problem in Shipley and Saltaire, along with extremely slippery pavements and blocked drains in autumn and winter with densely compacted wet leaves. Please increase funds for litter picking, pavement and road sweeping and patrols to impose the fines for those do drop litter and fail to pick up after their dogs.

    Burglary from property is also a big problem with many people feeling that a break in will be inevitable. Police funding and night time patrols to prevent and deal with this needs to be increased.

    Finally congestion and air pollution is really bad. Improving public transport fares is key because until it is cheaper to travel by bus to the neighbouring towns no-one will do it. Fares are fixed no matter how short your journey and with a lot of free parking options in towns there really is no incentive to get the bus.

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