Fund charities to help those in need

Moving people with addiction problems from their own home towns and into HMOs in Boscombe does not help them to recover. If you live in a building alongside drug dealers that is not going to help you to kick your habit. Once people are moved they need ongoing support to recover and having a decent place to live and be proud of could help greatly. There are huge amounts of small charities in the local area who are ready and willing to help as many people as possible. Funding these charities means they can reach out to more people – often in a more cost effective and holistic way than through public sector services. Charities support people for as long as they need it and as soon as they need it – if they have the funds. Ensure the voluntary sector is an integral part of all consultations and listen to and act on what they say. The voluntary sector is an underused yet highly effective resource that could make an enormous, positive difference to those living in Boscombe.

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