Fund Slow the Flow type of projects

As Todmorden main threat we really need to focus of managing the floods. Government is mainly focusing on infrastructure in towns and so I think it remains to the local folk and councils to press for more focus and investment into slowing the run off before it hits the town(s). So I would like to suggest Slow the Flow maps the catchment especially focusing on chronic areas of flooding and appropriate structures get built – attenuation ponds, leaky dams etc. This will become more and more critical as flooding becomes more common due to extreme weather events. All we can do is prepare for it!

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3 comments on “Fund Slow the Flow type of projects

  1. This is a great idea, and it would be good to grow partnerships with Slow The Flow and the local schools of Todmorden so that this ecological learning was linked at a school level and the local and situated geography of the valley was something that children were exposed to from the earliest age as a matter of shared concern.

  2. sounds a great idea Tod has suffered from flooding in the past, doing something like slow the flow and leaky dams can do their bit to protect homes and businesses

  3. This makes a lot of sense. Todmorden has suffered heavily from floods and they have damaged the town’s economy and homes.

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