Funding for Youth Workers and Police engagement with adolescents

Many City / town children rarely visit the countryside to learn life changing hobbies; PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTION / POLICE ENGAGEMENT, UNDER SUPERVISION AT ALL TIMES ON ACTIVITY COURSES- map read; half day short packed full of interest three mile walks in new parts of the countryside; walk leadership training; rock climbing; wildlife survival skills; wildlife ID; camping under the stars and constellation ID; a minimum of a couple og nights seaside camping holiday; archaeology; wildlife identification; outdoor art drawing sketching and perhaps work these-up to lino relief cut prints ; traditional country crafts- stone masonry, chair joinery. If there is motor car and motorcycles interests then a course on advanced driving skills i.e. pass Advanced Driver and official responsible motor scrambling circuit. But introduce the countryside activities at the same time, to appreciate the less obvious quiet rewards that are free. Install a sense of confidence and inner peace with nature

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