Further investment in Bank Park

With an increase in town centre living it would be brilliant if Bank Park could have some further development, something in line with Victoria Park in Widnes. Reclaiming some land from the park down Crosfields St to have for on road parking would be beneficial, as would making Crosfield St one-way. With regards to the park a outdoor water play area would be great, a stage/band stand for small summer events, paved areas and outdoor seating/picnic tables.

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3 comments on “Further investment in Bank Park

  1. Warrington definitely needs an outdoor water park / splash park area in nicely landscaped gardens. Great for young families.

  2. Let’s make sure that this money is actually for Warrington. There was no need to mention Widnes at all.

    Invest more in street cleaning. Litter is terrible around warrington.

  3. Great idea! The irony is that the Park did have it’s own band stand and pond originally. I doubt this will happen as the council have tried to tarmac it for a car park in the recent past.

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