Future investment

More frequent bus services. More leisure facilities.
Shorter doctor appointments. Return of Youth Clubs.
Free parking at Town Park and local shops. New cafe/restaurant in town park.
Clean up tatty housing areas(lots of rubbish around).
Less restriction when visiting local refuse site. Return of Marks & Spencer.
More regular grass cutting and cutting back overgrown areas.
Clean up tatty cycle tracks and underpass’s.
More off-road parking in congested areas.
Return of a local newspaper.

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122 comments on “Future investment

  1. Re furbish the little park on the common of potters field as it’s so muddy and needs more apparatus as wasted space. Young children could really benefit from it.

  2. Tgi fridays
    Gym from the better group
    Gokyuzu resturant
    Smiths toy store
    Morrisons supermarket where toys r us was
    Hollywood bowl or bigger bowling alley
    Golf driving range good for adults and kids
    Power league football pitch with youth center

  3. Crazy golf
    Go karting
    Better safer night life
    More nice bars and restaurants
    Frequent bus services and buses that run to the retail park and into town
    Better quality high street shops
    Small supermarket near harlow train station with free 24hr cash machine
    Art studio / art gallery for creatives.
    Cutting of over growing bushes and trees that obstruct pathways.
    More waste bins and dog waste bins
    Bring back marks and Spencer.

  4. More help for the elderly in there old age and for better price home care and homes and better pay for the carers above living wage

  5. A Golf range with a focus on youngsters and getting them into golf.
    Getting them Into a sport and off the streets.

    A great place to introduce golf to adults too

    Can become a social area with a restaurant and a number of other facilities.

  6. • More stuff younger people to do during breaks/holidays
    • get rid of shops that are necessary I.e we don’t need 2 greggs shops In town, don’t need two pappas cafes, less nail salons as not needed !
    • maybe another health shop that sells food like grape tree would be useful as well
    • cleaner under paths

  7. Fix the pot holes all over the place. Support smaller businesses instead of franchises. Tidy up the streets. Improve the housing and health care. Step up against drug

  8. I agree with all of the above, it would be great to get an ice skating rink back, or Rolla skate park, the ones in London are great and turn into great nightlife after 8pm for Adults, there’s no nightlife in harlow 🙁

  9. youth clubs.more funding for bus routes & more recruitment of bus drivers & less working hours for bus drivers .Sanctuary for homeless.Build council homes

  10. Investment in Sams place and other services for adults and young people with disabilities.

    Youth clubs to give young people something to do.

    Investment in the educational pathways into university / apprenticeships that can help social mobility.

    Investment in green areas across harlow to ensure they are maintained and kept green.

    Mental health support groups / support.

  11. A small part of the budget maybe 100-200k to extend and repair the exsisting skatepark.

    So many young people use that park and it has a great community.

    Benches for parents to watch would stop adults sitting on the actual park

  12. The big toys r us site , should be rented out to small businesses ! Create a hub with a shopping outlet people can enjoy and spend quality time together . Like the good old days . No shops anymore it’s all online . Everywhere we go is a restaurant . Independent small businesses all hire a lock up for themselves and create it into a centre . Help new small businesses by offering help to Uk residents with start ups or even just a discounted rent for a year . It would bring a lot of people from outside the areas in and create revenue for the town . we need a community again things for people to do and be proud of .

    An ice skating rink , activities or maybe a new farm or centre for children to go . More for the venerable and young adults . Mental health is a massive issue and if we could create a safe haven . Even workshops once weekly to help these people not only just young actually anyone that is struggling with anything . NHS is ridiculous where the population has increased drastically over the past 10 years . Paid tax all our working life’s retirement even higher now work until you can’t work anymore and we wait 4 weeks for doctors appointment get a dentist appointment to be told we have no more NHS funding :(.

    There needs to be some give somewhere the country cannot go on like this .

  13. Harlow needs to be brought back to live by improving the town centre and high street, as well as rebuilding homes, and encourages businesses to invest and set up new businesses in Harlow. The town would really benefit from more restaurants like Melin, or even a few bars.

  14. Investments, opening a univeristy, attracting business centre which will offer jobs. It has a great advantage that it is 30 mins from central London. Cheaper train tickets from central London will definitely make a difference.
    A university with students will reflect on estate, food and transport.
    Training centre to prepare people to get good jobs.

  15. It would be nice to see a buzzing market at the Market square in Harlow. At the moment that part of the town looks and feels like a ghost town (with those enormous plastic lego like pots). Would be nice to see a mixture of marketers with fresh fruit and vegetables, butchers, a selection of cheeses, some homemade goods. It would attract people to walk to the centre and get more social.

    Also it nice to see and read about planting trees in Harlow, but what about flowers? They are also very important for the bees, and for us to have fruits and vegetables. Plus it would make the town look much prettier. Let’s support the bees this year!

    Thanks for reading!

  16. When you drive around Harlow it looks run down and not looked after. Patchwork foot paths need to be tarmac in one colour the whole length of path.
    Flowers planted on roundabouts would make a big difference.
    Pot holes in roads need to be repaired.
    Moorfield houses have white cladding on all council houses, but black tiles on all private ones. Makes area look run down.

  17. Improve lower meadow it looks awful really run down. I think it looks one of the worse areas in Harlow . Remove all the vans that have been parked up since November without moving

  18. Money was put aside for the redevelopment of Prentice Place, and a new shopping centre in Potter Street. That never happened, the money having been spent on other things. Regardless of what we want, the council will do as they see fit. The Town Centre is ripe for pulling down and starting again. Empty shops and pawn shops, money exchange. You will not attract M & S back unless people want to shop in Harlow, which they clearly don’t RIP Bon Marche.

  19. More council housing and repairs and renovations to existing council properties.

    Make a new shopping centre


    Youth clubs

    re open the sure start centres


    Pot holes

    Affordable activities for
    Families to get children out of the house and out of trouble!

    Home the homeless.

    Use occasia house what a waste of space

  20. The main thing would be don’t give it to Harlow Council, make sure it is controlled and managed by a more honest and imaginative comittee made up of local residents.

    Give it to the council and it will be spent on more concrete table tennis tables, giant plant pots and other crack pot schemes. They are useless and are the biggest problem in the town.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m left speechless with the ridiculous things Harlow council spend money on.
      I can’t understand why they have now decided to cut down so many trees, the only thing we have in Harlow that improves the appearance.

    2. Harlow Council has won awards for its wonderful town park and landscaping. The park is absolutely lovely at the moment. I walked around it with guests on Saturday 14th March, and they were really impressed. Great too that Harlow Council has taken over the museum again. The exhibition, ‘Made in Harlow’ is particularly interesting. Great too that Harlow Council took over street lighting at night, even though it is supposed to be the responsibility of Conservative Essex County Council, and that Harlow Council pays its workforce the Living Wage. It would be great to see the money spent on all of the things that have been cut by central government and Essex County Council over the last ten years, a better bus service, better libraries with trained, full time staff, Surestart Centres, Council Housing, better and cheaper care in the community for the elderly, with a living wage for carers. I’d love to see bus services and energy services organised by our local council, it’s been very successful in other parts of Britain. Privatisation has failed us all, it just lines the pockets of shareholders, many of them living in foreign countries whose own services are publicly owned and offering cheaper travel and energy. It’s wonderful as well to see how many new trees Harlow Council has planted. If they all turn out as beautiful as the ones in blossom along First Avenue and in the town park we will be very fortunate indeed to be living in such a lovely environment.

  21. Having read the above comments I could not agree more. Especialy with improving our doctors practices for improved bookings ie. Shorter waiting times…… What we dont want is more housing….. We cant cram more people into the town when our services are bursting at the seems as it already is.

  22. A New Shopping Centre is Much needed , now we have lots of New built Area’s out side the Town. A great Market place like we use to have. New Mark’s and Spencer’s. More Roads as there’s a big build up of traffic every day. Nice places to sit . More flowers planted.

  23. Abolish business rates for small business
    If all the huge company’s in the lovely new office space in Newhall have had low rents and no business rates then it’s only fair to offer the small business lovely space and no business rates.

    Encourage and support new community interest company’s
    Mental health support
    Employability support
    Holistic Training
    Youth centres

    Music venue – such like the square
    Pre owned school uniform shop where people can earn a few quid to drop the bits down to and sell them off for a fraction of the price of new

    Market square with affordable pitch prices and a Sunday boot sale

    Fill empty shops and stop selling office space for housing!
    Create housing space for housing!
    Grants for local people to access in times of hardship ie, awaiting benefits if diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment, coping with bereavement of a parent with dependant children,

    Offer council owned commercial property’s to community interest company’s and fit the premises out to the requirements needed.

    Bring back the community feel to harlow town that we once had

    Nightlife could be re thought, possibilities to have a casino and cocktail lounge and dance floor. Age restrictions applied. Must be members with details given of address etc.
    With strict policy’s for anti social behaviour and zero tolerance for violence and aggressive behaviour.
    Ice rink
    Water park
    Creating more jobs and apprenticeships in the town and attracting visitors to the town will help boost the towns economy for businesses.
    Stop squeezing local business and crippling them for high rents and business rates and allow them to succeed and stay

  24. Upgrade our great cycling paths. Linking Harlow with cycling routes to neighbouring towns / canal paths allowing commuting to close by towns and London

    1. More Doctors surgery.
      Another exit out of church Langley as we only have one exit at the moment.
      Better roads and parking for the new development of houses.

  25. Refurbish the Broad Walk area, including Stone Cross and Post Office Walk, buildings façades and urban furniture and equipments making it more attractive for the public to come shopping to Harlow. Make free parking in the Water Gardens. Amend roads holes and pedestrian paths in Mark Hall area.

  26. No. 87 bus service is the only service to Epping from the Kingsmoor end of town and I believe they intend to scrap this- is that fair?
    Why are we expected to get a bus to town Centre before we can gain access to Epping?

  27. Frequent bus services, revitalising the town centre near Harvey centre. More youth clubs or bike/skate parks.
    Use closed shops for homeless people at night or old bhs site.
    More parking at Princess Alexandra Hospital and make it free for disabled people.
    More parent and children spaces at harvey centre car park and water gardens.

    1. £25 million can go a long way. Let’s see the improvements rather than hear we have plans in place but nothing gets done as usual.
      You have asked the question and the people have answered. Now put it into practice before it’s to late

  28. More housing for young couples and older people. More investment in health service for example better dr appointments. Invest in the town centre as not what it used to be.

  29. Bring back THE SQUARE. I cant stress enough how important this venue was for encouraging young people to persue their passion in music and support other musicians. PLEASE BRING BACK THE SQUARE

  30. Repair and maintain all Cycle paths

    Install more cycle lanes on roads, giving priority to cyclists

    Ensure every school promotes Bikeability courses and encourages children to ride to school

    No parking tickets to be issued at Harlow Town Park car parks whilst Parkrun and Junior Parkrun is being held.

    Happy to discuss these matters with you directly.

  31. 1.Less waiting time when seing a doctor or gp, a&e.
    2. Restriction in place regarding commercial vehicles(vans) being park3e on residential roads overnight as they taking most of the parking spaces on out street for example, leaving no spaces for rezidents to park.
    3.Police patrools during nights in areas where cars are being robbed or with high crime rates.
    4.Cleaning the pond(lake) in central park as is very smelly during summer and not so pleasant to walk by.

    1. The Water Gardens are beautiful at the moment. I walked around them on Saturday with visitors. The view from the top of the hill by the paddling pool was glorious. Absolutely agree with all points. I’d like to see more police patrols night and day, particularly since the police precept to Essex has just gone up again.

  32. Empty retail shops used for community purposes such as
    rest and work spaces.
    Ping pong rooms.
    Rent per hour function rooms and business purposes such as exhibitions and galleries

    Toilet facilities and snack hut by adventure play ground
    Picnic tables on the green by the adventure playground

    More parking in built up residential areas. Many places have to park on pavements now as no where to park

    Smaller buses in areas that don’t get used as often and bigger busses for school and busy routes

    Solar lighting for bikes on cycle tracks

  33. Least important – most important

    Fix the roads
    Fix the lights
    Free parking
    Connect the market square to the high street with new buildings or facilities to motivate better upkeep of the market square
    Kick out McDonald’s and Starbucks in place of local businesses
    (Free or affordable)Sports and arts facilities for children and young adults
    Affordable housing for young and poor (actually liveable for 75-150p/w)
    More facilities for mental health support
    More lights in town centre at night
    Pay our teachers and medical staff more.

  34. 1. More affordable rent for under 30s. Have you been a mid-20s lad doing agency work trying to get a roof over your head that isn’t your privacy invading parent’s. We need to accommodate young men and women becoming men and women by providing them at least the option of affordable places to rent. And not these “shower in the kitchen, toilet in the living room for 200p/w” set up either. Like TF man.

  35. Needs more police for safety and houseing for people and needs more businesses to welcome with cheep rent rate ..

        1. Housing is NOT affordable, even while working full time. By “decent job” what do you mean exactly? Should a couple working full time as a cleaner and a shop assistant be able to afford a roof over their head? Yes, they absolutely should! But they can’t. All jobs need doing, and ate decent. Anyone working full time, especially in a partnership with someone also working full time should be able to afford a roof over their heads

  36. Better *permanent* road repairs, and do something to speed up traffic flow around harlow town station heading out of Harlow i.e remove the pedestrian crossing and bus stop as it blocks traffic.

    1. So where are people who are walking ment to cross safely then? Also how are people who do not drive ment to catch the bus from that specific area?

    2. The thing that slows the traffic is the T junction coming out of the new builds. Without those lights, say goodbye to decent traffic flow

  37. Investment to house homeless people permanently.

    Investment in local education, so they can afford basic supplies.

    Increased police presence.

    Increase programs and opportunities for young people to provide them with meaningful life skills and experiences.

    More investment in mental health services for people of all ages.

    Create free indoor child friendly spaces for parents who are on low income.

    Create free areas for young people to use such as computer cafes or sports halls.

  38. More public transport for queens gate centre and the dump area.
    Better road network leading out of old Harlow to accommodate for those 100s of new homes in church gate. pinnacles industrial area is in the wrong place… all traffic from m11 and Sawbridgeworth have to drive through Harlow. It Should be closer to the potter street/ church Langley side.
    Encourage more small business owners And night clubs to open again in the old market side of the town centre

  39. Create/convert a large bar & restaurant space and split it up to offer cheaper rent for street food start ups with communal eating area.

  40. Fix the flickering street lights and islands around the town, provide better funding for youth clubs, reopen occasio House for the homeless to help them get back on their feet.

  41. More bins are needed ,
    Better pot hole repairs,
    Make people keep up a good standard where they live,
    Definitely parking ,make garages more affordable instead of leaving them empty
    and lighting needed in these areas for safety reasons,
    Tidying overgrown paths and walkways.

  42. 1. A bus service from Newhall residential area to Epping
    2. After clubs for primary school children (e.g. music club, dancing club)

  43. Better facilities for the elderly.
    Roads repaired
    Better shopping centre to encourage people to visit Harlow
    First Aid station at adventure playground & cafe
    Free parking

  44. More for the youth of Harlow, youth clubs and safe places to socialise, play sports for free.
    More support for young peoples mental health.
    Better local play spaces.

  45. The town needs a platform for ALL community/sport groups to be able to advertise, promote , and inform the community what is happening since the demise of the local newspaper THE STAR independent community groups struggles with advertising and some of this money should be spent on developing Harlow Times to cover the whole community of Harlow and should be issued Bi-monthly communication is the key to success

  46. Spend the money on housing people from other areas in other areas. Then crime will decrease and we can walk in our town centre without being robbed.

  47. They want to take a leaf out of Chelmsford Council and regenerate the town and I agree with the pothole and traffic comment, Harlow is one big traffic jam with the roads disgusting. They need to relook and prioritise especially with the all the new ‘PRIVATE’ estates being built. They can’t even look after the council housing tenants sufficiently

    1. Chelmsford is the county town of Essex. Essex County Council is a Conservative controlled authority. Essex County Council take most of the money that we in Harlow pay in Council Tax. Harlow Council is just the collecting local authority for them. It is Conservative controlled Essex County Council that is legally responsible for a lot of the things like road repairs, policing and street lighting that there are so many complaints about on this thread. I agree, why are the Conservatives spending so much on Chelmsford and neglecting things in Harlow? That’s why voting is so important in local elections. We need to send more Labour County Councillors to make decisions on behalf of Harlow people. The Conservative ones obviously are not doing what we need.

  48. Revamp the play area in town park & make it bigger, put in ice skating rink in the town, make the town a place people want to come and visit, more police it’s been good seeing the few we have walking around, fix the potholes in all roads, maybe also think about another swimming pool that has a lazy river and tubes, rapids I went to Bracknell they have an amazing one there and it’s always full & loads of fun for all ages, make pets corner bigger that area looks amazing now with what has been done already so I would keep up working on that and also places to park around housing that really needs addressing the areas that have been done so far have proven that it’s made driving around them is so much easier & better.

  49. Installation of a roundabout at the junction/crossroads on London Road and Newhall Way.

    A decent bus service for the residents of Newhall which would include a service to and from Epping Underground station. Perhaps consideration could be given to subsidising this bus service for six months, to ensure a decent reliable service, so residents will feel confident to use it and hopefully after this date it would be self funding

    An enforcement action to force Countryside to repair their roads on the Newhall estate.

  50. Make harlow look better, get rid of the old looking houses all on common side road .

    Remove them road barriers on commonside road they are terrible.

    Fix town centre make it better than lakeside, space is there to do so.

  51. Permanent pot holes repair. Residential parking would be better because I am really fed up to come home and not able to find a parking space where I live. More off road parking. Short doctors appointment.

  52. Build the A414 by pass from Eastwick direct to the M11 so traffic doesn’t have to drive through Harlow and stop house building on outskirts of Harlow build on the big areas of Brown field like the town centre where half of it is under used and could be demolished rebuilt with new high rise social housing and shops or carparking underneath Terminus House for example is ideal

  53. Bring back the market.
    Permanently fix the condition of the roads.
    Stop closing the paddling pools, improve them.

  54. More policemen/women on the streets
    Prosecute all people who don’t clear up after their dogs
    More litter pickers
    Pot hole repairs more quicker
    Shorter waiting times for Mental Health Therapy
    More doctors appointments

  55. Better things to do so people stay out of trouble ,
    More housing that is AFFORDABLE and people on dss can rent !

  56. Investment in youth clubs and a permanent live music venue for young and old alike, a Square Two but newer and bigger. Some attention is needed to areas of Harlow`s council housing stock, there are some that are looking run down and in dire need of some TLC. Cycletracks need resurfacing, far too many holes and decaying surfaces, dangerous to cyclists (unsure if this is ECC`s responsibility) More litter bins around all the town.

  57. Employ local people to improve look of the town, cleaning and making road signs easier to see, clean up our famous cycle tracks so they are more useable. Spend money on making more parking spaces in housing areas, cars are not going to go away and parking on green areas doesnt look good, but dont just fence them off such a waste of money ! make them into the parking that we desperately need. Offer shops at lower business rates so individuals can start businesses there. To employ local people and to provide services we need.

  58. Look at old news reel of Harlow and see how colourful it was. The town used to have wonderful soft landscaped areas, but over the years these were neglected and eventually removed. The town, especially the town centre, is bleak to say the least. Spend half the money reinstating the soft landscaped areas and put aside the other half to reinstate the town nurseries, employ and train gardeners to maintain the soft landscaped areas. Everyone benefits from a more colourful softer townscape and jobs would be created for local people. Hopefully this would contribute to a sense of pride returning to the town. Everyone’s a winner.

  59. More parking spaces for residents! Improve the parking spaces around bush fair, to help residents to park their cars nearby to their homes

  60. A live music venue to support grass roots music and smaller artists

    General tidy up of cycle tracks

    Fix drainage around town

    Town centre investment

    Make the town a nice place to be again

  61. Investment in a youth centre – funding for a music venue with a cheap bar like The Square where young people can listen to live music, socialise, play pool, attend other events etc for free or for low prices.

  62. Most importantly! More residents parking! I want to be able to park outside my house! It would take away so much stress from me especially being a disabled person! Maybe a residents parking scheme with numbered bays

    1. Bus service from Newhall to epping underground station and from newhall to harlow town station.

      Fix flickering lights and pot holes

      Fix traffic congestion by prioritizing the completion of the new harlow junction off the M11

      More bars, restaurants and trendy social areas too support local economy

      Modernize shopping areas and large supermarkets

  63. Have more outdoor leisure,
    Music and or sporting facilities. We used to have a ski slope and live music venue. Both of which have gone.
    Be nice to have a Skating rink maybe re purpose the old odeon cinema into a music venue. Also take a tougher stance on fly tippers

  64. Bus routes to be more frequent and in more area’s.

    Re-modernisation of local park/playarea in commonside road to coincide with regeneration of the Area.

    Roads resurfacing In local area’s not just main road.

    more space for start up businesses, more space for independently run businesses.

  65. I would like to see the Pot holes fixed and kept on top of, it is a legal obligation to pay road tax which I do, I know this goes to a majority of issues as well as potholes but the roads are covered in them in areas.

    Purford Green School site has been left unattended for many years and is over grown. This is a big waste of something that could be put to good use and benefit the area.

    Mental health is a big thing to me and my family and to society these days, it would be great if we could put more energy into helping those in need.

    More clubs and centres for youth to help stay out of trouble.

    Focus in rebuilding the not so nicer areas of Harlow

    I remember years ago when I was younger (28 now) there was a show put on in the band stand in the town park in the summer, it was crawling with people and there was also a fair in the field behind. This was a great day and it brought everyone together! Maybe we could do something like this again but the show could be of local artists for younger and older people from the area??

  66. Improve our Town Centre, where is the night-time economy? Let’s make our town centre something to be proud of.

  67. Stop building on our green areas would be a start

    Ban private cabs from using bus lanes

    Council housing for those that work also
    Rent prices in harlow are ridiculous

  68. Stopping parking on the grass verges and pavements. Repair potholes properly, not just fill them in. Remove redundant Road signs. Knock down terminus house and renovate bus garage area.

  69. More police patrolling at night who have powers for stop and search for offensive weapons and drugs, lots more housing for HARLOW residents and update the town centre.

  70. More communal park maintenance ,Changing room facilities, with 3 or 4 G Floodlight training to accommodate a Sunday league football – which motivates and keeps Young people out of their bedrooms , healthy, fitter, engaging in communication with others – like it used to be in the 70’s and 80’s .

  71. More housing
    More support for young people including places like youth clubs
    Development of the town centre that has been promised for years
    More off road parking
    More low cost counselling services
    A414 to M11 bypass
    Re-opening the children’s centres

  72. Fix pot holes
    More/ better shops in town centre
    More bus routes
    Finish Edinburgh Way road works
    Better mental health facilities
    More police
    Activities/ facilities for youngsters to keep them off the streets
    Marks and Spencer

  73. An underpass outside the Leisurezone instead of the traffic light crossing, or a roundabout with crossing islands. The lights there cause traffic all the way back to the Sainsbury’s roundabout

  74. Good quality nightlife for young people, more bars/activity places rather than the rough clubs we’ve had in past.
    Better facilities for the horses.
    Good bus route to and from Edinburgh Way with better times.

  75. Repair circle tracks
    Tidy up green areas trim trees and bushes
    Reduce business rates to attract new business
    Support local shops

  76. A return to the ‘Play Scheme/Barn in every area for the youth to visit rather than have them walking the streets. These centres were the focus for the children in each area and provided a save warm welcoming environment to develop and grow. The removal of these places was short sighted.

  77. Make town centre more worth visiting different types of activists or events example Sunday market, fund raising events and advertise
    More dog waste bins
    Repair pot holes
    Some area need clear up litter provide bins on walks
    Some walks need paving as difficult to jog and not hurt myself
    Update playground areas around the town

    1. That’s down to Essex County Council where we pay 85p in the pound to have this addressed. This is new money.

    2. Thing is , it`s not the town councils responsibility, it`s down to Essex County Council to fix them . It would be great to see them all repaired though .

  78. More opportunities for youngsters to keep them out of trouble
    More support for mental health in youngsters
    More Police
    Make the Town centre worth visiting
    More off road parking
    Clean up grass areas that have litter
    More Dog waste bins on dog walking areas.

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