Future Ipswich

It’s important to build and invest in creating a harmonised community (once this coronavirus has gone), somewhere that;

the youth can become confident, grow and develop into meaningful young, respectable young adults, learning life skills and how to get on with all, as per the changing diversity of Ipswich.

We need more places for the ever growing, vulnerable older generation to socialise that doesn’t cost the earth.

We also need to find a way of accepting all cultures this would begin the way forward for all the above.

This would then hopefully discourage the violence and crime that has been allowed to become the now Ipswich. The latest drama of the virus has brought out the worst behaviour of adults trampolining over each, rather than helping each other.

We have plenty of empty premises in the town centre that could be used for just that this would also create the right atmosphere for any visitors and individuals who want to move to the area. Not an abandoned town.

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