Future services and self made opportunities, where can someone setup that is secure and private but also has mixed use?

There is very little option when it comes to picking business premises, from what i see most seem old and dilapidated or those that are of a high quality cost way too much, some of us probably would appreciate stand alone business units not commercial estates with units packed together that are well insulated for sound. I can’t be the only one that wants and needs a property to stream and develop in but can’t find anything suitable, housing comes with its own problems (landlords) and can’t be used for commercial applications. What I’m looking for is somewhere like a garage that can be used as a workshop but with upstairs or downstairs offices that can be used for streaming and other media work. What I found was basically old and probably mouldy and will cost a fortune. I’m aware of a place in Bolton for small businesses but it’s too far to travel constantly and I would need 2 or more units. There needs to be something in Westhoughton suitable for media and small business applications.

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