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Lacking currently is indoor (weatherproof) amusement for small children, and for disabled. I suggest a virtual reality business, there is a fantastic one in York; both able bodied and disabled are able to enter virtual worlds, either that of fantasy (swimming with cartoon, whales) or reality (a ferris wheel ride). The owners there said that it is the only way so many disabled can experience the thrill of walking the Moors, or flying high, so along with others they can discuss a shared experience. Other programmes can be used for training or entertainment purposes.

The other essential is public loos next to the entrance, not stuck in the back or up a flight of stairs. When one, or one’s child, is needy the LAST thing needed is having to thread one’s way through crowds of people, searching for signs. I don’t mind paying for the water and electricity, and perhaps Scarborough-issued tokens could be bought for an entrance stile so one doesn’t have to fiddle for change.

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