General Ideas From A Young Local

1. The views of many people is that the Council will use at least a portion of this money to increase their wages and only really enact projects to make themselves look better – be aware of that

2. Don’t build any more houses/estates/industrial estates immediately in Truro, so many people end up crippled because of financial complications with new builds

3. Improvements to Treliske – more beds, new wards, better pay for staff

4. Increase number of bars, restaurants and local produce markets, especially on the quay through use of incentives.

5. Make short stay parking free, and reduce the prices of long stay car parks

6. Offer more support for those that are homeless and sleeping in doorways throughout Truro

7. Increase residential areas above shops, as these are out of the way and you don’t tend to notice them unless you look

8. Improve bus services and fares. £2.60 to go to Higher Town is a bit of a joke. Improve late night/Sunday services as well – otherwise there’s no point

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1 comment on “General Ideas From A Young Local

  1. Yes I agree with all of your comments, we need people to be living in the town to maintain a thriving community – at the minute its dead in Truro especially once commuters go home to their out of town housing developments that are also soul less….

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