General improvements

Adding more operational speed cameras across the town to slow down drivers. Relay certain road which are more than overdue and now causing a danger to not only cars but pedestrians crossing the road too. Give funding to the local hospital in a attempt to reopen the a&e as this would help the town out greatly. Contribute funding to help lower the costs of the local 3g football courts to entice more youths to use them instead of loitering around. Heavily invest in CCTV especially around shops which should catch out trouble makers and hopefully deter them. Improve the parking at fens shops as it is ridiculous on a weekend and maybe do this on grass area behind Gregg’s. Offer a mini bus service for the elderly to help with shopping etc instead of them paying out of there own pocket. Buy back the parking at the marina as it is currently stopping a number of potential customers going to the area.

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