General tidy up

Introduce litter wardens in order to reduce the amount of rubbish deposited around the town. The buildings in the town (including some of the houses close to the town centre) are in desperate need of remedial work. Maintenance of many common areas seems to have been neglected – e.g. filthy play areas, graffitied under passes etc.

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1 comment on “General tidy up

  1. Absolutely! Litter is a big problem sadly. People need to be educated (and fined!). Alleyways are a big problem – smashed bottles, glass everywhere – nightmare for dog walkers and people with young children. Bins are overflowing for days on end and King George (until lockdown) was rife with beer cans, fast food takeaway leftovers etc. One advantage of lockdown is how much less rubbish we are seeing around the town

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