Get goldthorpe back on its feet again.

Invest in smartening the town up:

* If the shops are private owned, speak to the owners to either get them cleaned up or compulsory purchased.

* Demolish the old derelict houses, again if private owned charge the owners for doing it or give them the chance to give up the house. Replace with more modern fit for purpose housing.

* Look at the people who live in the housing, if causing issues deal with to the extent of the law.

* Land opposite current police station, look to site a purpose made new and utilised police station that serves the local area. Put police on regular patrol in local areas.

* Other option for the land is make goldthorpe a market town once again, encourage local farmers markets to come along.

* Setup community group to oversee the spending of the money, make them accountable for it, rather than have councilors – who don’t live in the area – pocket the money.

* Community group needs to engage with the community, rather than close circle of friends.

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