Get rid of the green skittles in Town Centre

These have never looked good and add nothing to the town centre space. If there needs to be some form of centre piece in the town centre this should be something iconic and of actual, clear relevance to the Town (there are plenty of examples elsewhere..)

The skittles look dated, out of place and bring down the appearance of the T.C.

While at it, provide match funding to local businesses to improve the appearance of their shop fronts and signs. This will lift the appearance of the Town Centre and make it a more attractive destination.

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1 comment on “Get rid of the green skittles in Town Centre

  1. Completely agree regarding the shop fronts especially Bridge Street, this was previously the central hub of Warrington Town Centre, now it is the corridor link between the Golden Square and the new Market development we need it to look appealing, bringing businesses back – the flow between the two will hopefully bring more passing trade.

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