Getting bus shelters and bus seats and make Newhaven more accessible via public transport

I feel we need more bus shelters and bus seats (like the larges seats over in Eastbourne, not the small perching ones we have in Newhaven currently). I am chronically ill and rely on the bus but am having to get more taxis because of this issues. I know many people also want this to happen. Paradise park bus stop gets used a lot and would be the first to benefit from bus seats and shelters (the one on the Eastbourne side leaks). I also feel we need more regular local transport. It only comes every two hours and also stops quite early. This means I Can get to where I’m going but can’t get home again Unless I wait for two hours. These things would help people get around Newhaven more. The 12a only goes to paradise park every 20mins and when late it’s too difficult to be standing up for over 20mins. This isolates myself and keeps me indoors so I’m sure it also isolates others

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