Glastonbury waterfront.

The low lying land to the South of Actis estate to be formed into a water park with paddling pool , shallow coracle and kayak lake ,wildlife islands and iron age village replica. A small proportion of Chalice and White spring outflow to power artesian fountains. Possibly connecting with an ornamental cascade formed along the edge of cinnamon lane recreational park.
The water theme could be developed with a National collection of willow varieties and a” bambooboritum” . A horse taxi service could connect with the town centre and a cycle track lined with Alder trees could make a connection to Ponparles bridge and thence to Westhay nature reserve. A Viking ship replica and pirate Ship playframe are other appropriate elements which could be added as the project develops.

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11 comments on “Glastonbury waterfront.

  1. Interesting idea but who would own/manage/maintain it? It would need an on-going budget and quite a few staff.

  2. Is this some kind of joke ….. At present the Town and surround look like life has passed by ….. for some years . Lets have the basics right before you leap into a scheme which would be costly to maintain , and given the past purely fantasy .

  3. Brilliant, original, delightful idea. Would love to kayak and wild-swim around here – quiet, unobtrusive way to appreciate landscape and wildlife. Discreet wooden jetties, ladders and ramps to access river and bigger drains for kayaking and swimming would enhance without over-commercialising

  4. Ohh yes what a lovely view for all the homeless in their caravans and motor homes don’t see any suggestions about sorting out this problem

  5. I think this would be wonderful to draw tourists in, create jobs and honour our Isle of Avalon roots.
    How lovely to have a resource that can interest whole families and provide a living history lesson.

  6. Genius Idea!! Oohh yes ! What a creative Imaginable experience it could be for children and Adults Jump on board let it happen ,c,mon one and all Magical Avalon rises again xxx from a fellow Ozzie who calls Englaterre Home 🏡

  7. This is a great idea. The town doesn’t have enough free recreational natural space. An environmental impact assessment would be needed to see if this affected future flood risk and water movement for better or worse

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