Go Green MK strategy

Implement a comprehensive strategy to establish MK as the green city including connecting cycle lanes, better electric car charging facilities, autonomous vehicles, aggressive carbon emission reduction targets, increased awareness on green solutions, engaging local schools further institutions and businesses etc

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1 comment on “Go Green MK strategy

  1. many parents continue to take their children to school by car even in secondary school. I know how it is to be worry about your child when they are out on their own. But if more children cycled, took public transport or walked to school it will be safer for them all as number are up.

    The benefits for parents will be more time and quality time and be less stressed as they do not have to spend hours queuing every morning and afternoon. The children will become healthier mentally and physically and streetwise before they leave home to Uni.

    Young people’s mental health has never been worse than now. I strongly believe that it is because we as adult overprotect them, do not allow them to take responsibilities like learning to walk, cycle or take public transport to school independently. Even when children are on work experiences parents take them to and from work. To give a child the confidence in getting to places independent is the most important step for them to later access work and in becoming independent adults.

    Sedentary work also affects all our lives and having to walk a few more meters to access the public transport will benefit the city in a way less people will suffer from the effect of sitting down too much. At the moment we leave our home in our car, park it and walk into our office where we sit for hours. Leaving us at risk of Obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol type 2 diabetics, osteoporosis and depression just to mention a few. (https://www.lifespanfitness.com/workplace/resources/articles/health-risks-of-a-sedentary-lifestyle). Milton Keynes Health and Social care could safe many £ in the long term by planning for the future and have good public transport in place.

    We owed that to our children and their future.

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