Golden Mile/Traffic/Greener

1. Golden Mile – this kiss me quick entry level tourism offering is ‘one horse’ and completely out of date. the connection to the wonderful sand and sea is all but lost – far greater emphasis needs to be made to connect the golden mile and the beach like all great seaside promenades around the world. palm trees and more on beach trade. it is almost possible to drive/walk down the entire length without clear links to the sand/sea. Great Yarmouth used to be far more diverse in its appeal. the whole brand needs to be lifted – greener, more sustainable and diverse.
the benefits of the wonderful bypass and bridge to the west of Great Yarmouth have been entirely lost by short sited out of town shopping and cheap drive through facilities. whether you are using GY or trying to use beaches beyond, for many it is a ‘no go’ area at peak times.
3. Greener – the whole town needs to embrace a more sustainable, greener future. plant a million trees and create a green belt/buffer around

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