Green corridor nature reserve

Let’s take the opportunity to be ambitious. I’d like to see use made of the green corridor which runs parallel and to the west of the high street from Mill Rd down to the railway bridge at Sandiacre. We could have a nature reserve, a couple of bridges over the Erewash to access land on the other side, a nature education centre for local schools, cafe, maybe a bike hire business and other small business units. It would improve the health and well being of the people of Stapleford as well as bringing more people to the town at the weekend which in turn would benefit local businesses. There could be several access points via side streets such as Bailey Street to carparking areas, and could encourage urban regeneration by improving the derelict nature of many of the buildings along the route. The town may even be able access further funding from environmental sources. It would really put Stapleford on the map locally, benefit the whole community and make best use of an existing asset.

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3 comments on “Green corridor nature reserve

  1. Being a relative newcomer to the town first impressions were not good. I agree with the above ideas, particularly the derelict nature of many of the buildings along Stapleford high street. The town looks grey, dirty and depressing. Vast changes and improvements are required to make it a desirable place to visit. Many councils seem to overlook the importance of appearance, both in architecture and planting.

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