Green highway

System of cycle paths that are state of the art connecting all parts of the town. Planted up to encourage wildlife and fight the climate crisis. A pathway from the historic docks to the edge of Cleethorpes. Have great art along the routes.

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17 comments on “Green highway

  1. Yes!! Such a good idea!! I WAS someone who used to cycle home after work on the night time. Since being hit by a care, I don’t have the confidence but if they put more cycle paths that kept us safe and away from cars that’d be brilliant and I’d be more than happy to try go back out again.

  2. This would be great! I’m cycling and it is dangerous to cycle on the streets. My partner was almost killed by drivers few times. Once knocked off the bike ended up with lung injury and recovering from it for good few months.

  3. I think a tram system needs to be in Grimsby to go to places to help the traffic of people get around more easily as other cities have a tram system so why can’t Grimsby have the tram system back when we used to have one

    And have a colour coded line system that goes to different places in and around grimsby, cleethorpes, immingham, south killingholme, waltham and europarc

    As this would be perfect to fill in the transport gap if buses can’t run for a certain reason like broken down buses or bus faults as the tram system will always be running incase that happens also the tram system can run later into the night after the buses stop in the evening to get people home from work

  4. The horse field old clee keep it as a open space repurchase it back from the person who bought it in speculation to building on it. He has had his plans rejected twice please put it to bed and dismiss any plans to build. Its a lovely area old clee and the field acts as soakaway to the area also which is great considering climate change repercussions. The field once purchased could have investment from the government to plant it up with native natural trees shrubs and plants and once established be open to public via a designated walkway. Which could be governed by a designated key bearer in close proximity to the field/church of old clee to protect its development and monitor its safety

      1. It is just recovering now from the land owner desolating the trees and ploughing it. New saplings are maturing and the land has started to look more like a wild field again. It would look fantastic with sympathetic landscaping planting to capture its heritage as open meadow hedgerow etc . There is many old time plants shrubs wildlife would love it and what a peace haven for people passing by.

  5. I love this idea as it provides more opportunities to be able to get to work. Especially in the summer.

    Having a dedicated cycle path means they aren’t on the road which increases safety.

    And since Orsted have arrived in Grimsby I think it would be great to see Grimsby become a green energy beacon for East Midlands!

  6. Love concept ideas but the money needs spending in the town. Local councils great pulling down but not building for its future. Football ground talk started in 1966 about a move, pulled down 1/2 of freemo, nothing, multi stories, down nothing, scartho. Baths nothing get my drift. Stop wasting it with meetings, dinners, get out and work for the town’s people.

    1. Yes open space in the heart of town created by the removal of time gone by buildings needs redevelopment. Commercial business and also new housing the green areas of the town need protecting as once gone they are gone forever. We dont have many peace havens as it is please dont destroy anymore .

  7. Providing another means to access,traverse and connect our coastal areas can only bring positive benefits especially to economically isolated areas.

  8. Improved cycle paths throughout the county. Preferably not shared with pedestrians as this discourages faster cyclists from using them. Maintain / improve existing cycle paths.

    1. Agreed a walking path cannot mix with a route for cyclists.
      Cyclist pedal at 15mph+
      It astonishes me why it’s considered as a solution.
      3 separate spaces needed.

  9. Fantastic idea , alternative leisure activity , great for mental health and to encourage people including children outdoors

  10. As a believer that climate change is natural, and a full paying member of the Conservative Party, i can put my full support behind this suggestion.

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