Green links for health and well being

We need to encourage more people to get out and walk in our wonderful parks in Darwen. Bold Venture Park is our green link from town to tower but most people can’t easily walk in the park as the paths are badly eroded and uneven. Let’s see the paths get resurfaced and walking routes advertised to attract people back into their local green space.

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4 comments on “Green links for health and well being

  1. As well as being an historical asset to the area which should see that financial investment, having good paths to walk in the local area is so important for the health and wellbeing of local residents, enabling people across all age groups and abilities access the park.

  2. Bold Venture park Is in need of investment. It has a dedicated group of local residents who have the commitment and ideas to make it a truly stunning park, all they need is the financial investment to realise its full potential as a valuable community space and to also attract many more visitors to the area.

  3. I too support Warren’s comment about publicising walking routes through Darwen’s parks and about the need to maintain them to ensure they are safe and accessible to everyone, not just those who are fit and equipped with walking boots! The paths are so badly eroded by heavy rains that my local park, Bold Venture Park, is becoming inaccessible to the elderly and those with mobility problems and difficult to walk around for anyone pushing a pram, which means that groups who would benefit greatly from spending time outside in nature (people with health issues, families with children etc) are discouraged from visiting.

  4. With the current climate change concerns, we need to ensure that our parks are managed properly so we can all enjoy the health benefits whatever our age and level of mobility. I fully support Warren’s support for resurfacing and promotion of the footpaths in Bold Venture Park.

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