Green spaces to replace concrete eyesores

Just give us more greenery. A prettier town will provide some much needed feelgood factor to our area and our people.
Evergreens – conifers, pine trees, etc. will give us year round greenery. Give us more green borders – more green corners – more green everything – and not just flowers that blossom for a couple of weeks and then die.
More greenery lining and dividing some of the main roads in Stevenage would be wonderful – a good example is the road with the police station, train station and the Gordon Craig Theatre – sorry I don’t know what it’s called but the middle of that road is a series of scruffy weeds, rusty, torn down fencing (been that way for years). What a difference it would make to our town to line this road with conifers
More trees where we have scruffy green areas or pointless concrete corners that serve no purpose other than to make the town more grey – it’s described by the more straight talking members of our family who live in Leeds (!) as a concrete jungle

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