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  1. Potential train capacity and service improvement on the Furness Line Cumbria coast line offer best option for attracting and retaining skilled people to work in Furness companies, more tourists and organisations from a wider catchment area cementing together Lancaster South Cumbria Economic Region.Rail connects most key towns villages of S.Cumbria/W.Cumbria.
    The A590 also drives the success of manufacturing distribution and attraction of key skills
    Rail services and network resilience, reliability are a priority.Unless reliability improves ” green transport will not be optimised.Electrification should be an aspiration. Critical links are direct services to Manchester, its airport, Liverpool, main line connections at Lancaster, Preston for services to London, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh. Ultimately connections to the HS2 network may be important later.Locally enhanced Cumbrian Coast line links given Sellafield is a major employer for Furness residents.

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