Green Truro

I would like there to be more green walks in and from Truro. I live 1 mile from the town centre on the east. Walking in is unpleasant and dangerous because of a lack of pavements, busy roads and traffic fumes. It’s also hilly which deters people I know with health problems or children from walking in. Our estate’s bus service doesn’t provide a commuter service – it gets into town too late and comes back too soon. A bus service or funicular down Bodmin Road would help a lot of people who can’t walk hills get into town without a car. We have a short cycle path on our estate which doesn’t connect to anything. At weekends I drive to other places for a walk because there aren’t many off road attractive walks in Truro that are nice to walk to from where I live. I’d also like to have a swimming pool that’s in walking distance – perhaps someone would be interested in building a spa hotel in the city which offers local membership? I’d also like to see more art and trees in the city centre.

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