Greener Bournemouth

Alternatives to fossil fuel transport (electric buses, bh1 closures to fossil fuel cars on the weekends to encourage use of electric buses/cy ling/walking) and planting of trees. Invest in local food growing projects.

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5 comments on “Greener Bournemouth

  1. being a new mother I experienced something that normally does not occur in my nature and exactly began to feel strong rejecting odors from the street and car exhausts. It is amazing that this was determined after pregnancy but it gave me to understand how much my body tried to protect my unborn child. As a mother, she urges everyone to settle down at least 15 minutes on the street and take a deep breath and think about what they felt. We no longer live in a time where clean air is everywhere, we need to protect each other and demand from goverment to use electric buses and cars and make them cheaper and accessible to everyone

  2. Create a Community hub/centre for people to visit for information/education and volunteering also enabling all Green groups to come together..
    Infrastructure Cycle lanes…Free /Cheaper travel on Hydrogen/Electric buses….More pedestrian areas….No Cars in Bournemouth town centre on a weekend…….Offshore Windfarm on the agenda again !!…..New legislation for any new builds to have solar panels and charging points for cars…..Rewild any spare space and plant more trees….Community growing projects everywhere…We are in transition so use Transition Group for advice……Create incentives for residents to go Green….

  3. We should be encouraging more allotments. Great for people mental wellbeing. Cant get better than fresh food.

  4. Better accesses in and out, create a different/new way to avoid the amount of traffic we have specially in the summer, new tarmac on some roads, more police on the roads walking/bike in the problematic areas. Free activities for the children after school football, tênis, cooking, etc. Create a special team to combat the drug problems we have in this town that day after day is getting worse.

  5. As somebody born and bred in Bournemouth I just had to take the time to say how much of a terribly awful and bizarre idea it would be to disallow vehicles from the BH1 area on the weekends.

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