We need more green spaces, more trees to combat pollution, the air is awful on the overly congested roads. Tamworth Road at the island at the train stagnation is a big congestion bottleneck, better traffic control is needed on the island e.g. lights. The traffic queues back through Sawley at peak times causing pedestrians to breath lots of fumes. I can no longer run along the road because of the fumes. Also a big no to Lock Lane housing development which will add 300 plus cars to the queue on Tamworth Road. The mix of cars, congestion, school kids, old and young is terrible on Tamworth Road. Spend the 25 million on trees, green space and encouraging wildlife.

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2 comments on “Greenspace

  1. Totally agree with this post. Think an official complaint needs to be lodged regarding the lack of clean air and how, although it’s proven to be very detrimental to health to have traffic congestion and slow moving traffic in areas where people walk and live, they still want to contest the area much more by building houses to increase traffic. It’s disgraceful and negligent.

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