Greyfriars Demolition site

Transform this derelict site into a green area for the surrounding homes. This site could be turned into a grass area with play equipment and benches as a safe space for young children to spend time. Green areas are proven to improve mental health, and would be a big improvement for the derelict void that is currently there.

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20 comments on “Greyfriars Demolition site

  1. A nice and modern leisure center with a big sports hall where all sorts of sport events could be hosted! This would definitely attract the local residents and probably more people coming to town from other locations. It would also create an opportunity for the local sport clubs and encourage more people to be active! Trilogy in town isn’t very attractive inside nor out …

  2. Over the past 100 years, and especially the past 70, we have become accustomed to town centres saturated with big stores. Town centres for shops.
    Housing estates have been created on the outskirts of towns, encouraging, perhaps requiring even, that shoppers commute into the town centre (causing both traffic and parking issues).
    If you look through history, this is not sustainable or normal; we have in fact lived in unusual times, but become used to it being our ‘normal’.

    In all other periods, people lived in the town’s, and the houses were interspersed with shops, businesses and larger stores.
    If you look at the shop fronts, you will see and find in most town’s that many are just, in fact, converted houses.
    Perhaps it is time to convert them back?
    With the advent of internet shopping habits, big-retailing is largely finished. No longer can tenants, whether it be a Marks & Spencer or a bank, afford or justify the cost in shopfitting, rent, rates and staff, when they can trade online.
    Faced with renewing their 25 or 30-year lease options, business owners nationwide are throwing back the keys.
    Town centres can no longer attract the kind of footfall to make the cost of retailing viable, and road and parking infrastructure cannot cope with traffic volume. There is therefore, a general collapse due to unsustainability.

    But, areas like Stony Stratford with free and accessible parking, and no traffic wardens, or Market Harborough, will show us that people do still like to go to the shops.
    What we are moving towards in the 2020’s, I believe, is a period of smaller independent retailers, and housing returning to the town centres.
    The added population will increase the footfall to the remaining shops and stores.

    Residents that are able to walk to and from the various shops, services and providers, and as a result, vehicle reliance can be reduced.

    Already the number of empty retail units (particularly larger stores) shows us that we are well past the sustainability levels. Encouragement should be shown for well-planned migration from retail units to quality residential development; and not just blocks of flats (we have too many HMO’s already) , but lower occupancy town-houses too (perhaps a maximum three or four appartments, depending on the number of storeys) . An encouragement for reinstallation of residential development for and to, empty units.
    This needs to happen simultaneously, as it is clear, we already have too many retail units relative to current demand.
    I believe therefore, that with a large scale redevelopment of an area such as this, a mix of residential, leisure, some retail, and small green ‘rest areas’ is the way forward, alongside encouraging the redevelopment of town centre as outlined above.

  3. It is the wrong place for a park. Too much traffic. The Mounts leisure centre is nearby. Maybe build something for the homeless where they can be safe. There seem to be so many who are not provided for.
    Free parking? Certainly the town needs to encourage footfall but better public transport would be better

  4. I support the idea. Would be nice to have some green in town centre instead of the demolition. And the trees could help clean the air

  5. This land has been an eyesore for years now, since it was demolished. There are so many things that this land could be used for for example an open green space, a place for families to enjoy together.

  6. I don’t think this is a safe idea as the road around it is busy and the bus route in and out of the town centre. It would also turn into a place for the junkies to sit and score.
    Also would turn into a place full of litter that the council won’t keep ontop of. I think a leisure complex or something should be put on this bit of land.

  7. An ice skating rink on this site would be a good use of the space, attracting people into the town centre and encouraging exercise.

  8. Agreed. Rebuilding a fit for purpose bus station and perhaps affordable housing/flats on top would be useful. The pollution in the Drapery is awful plus trying to cross the road!

    1. Agree to rebuild a new bus station on the old site. It was a mistake to get rid of the old one. It was perfectly positioned for shopping in the drapery, especially when it rained. There were no buses queuing and blocking the road like there is now. I have witnessed numerous near misses when vehicles exit mayorhold car park and a bus just stops in front of them as it is in a queue to get into bus station.

      1. Couldn’t agree more, but they’ll use the money to build more rubbish hardly anybody will use. Town center financial records from before v’s after Greyfriars would be interesting. Footfall dropped directly after demolition, so either alot of people suddenly died or bought cars. Please rebuild it!

  9. Old Greyfiars site would be a huge mistake as a green area. This would encourage homeless people to camp up and drugs etc to be sold or taken here. Would be a very unsafe place.

    This area should be used as an extension of the shopping centre and to encourage more shops and offices in Northampton.

  10. A ‘green zone’ on what is basically a large busy roundabout is a terrible idea. Think of the air pollution those kids would be breathing in.

    1. Completely agree, this would not be a great location, I think beckets park needs a bit more love as it’s close to the university and has great potential.

    2. I believe a ‘green zone’ is what the council wanted to do with the areas anyway if they won that big improvement grant last year

      1. A very nice idea. Could make a lovely garden here and even have outdoor music events in summer in the same area I’d love that

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