Grow from strong roots

Any gardener will tell you that good growth starts from strong roots. Education, skills, aspiration; and personal development & capital are key; from nursery through to higher and adult education.
Our young people need not just resources (which they need desperately after years of cuts), but also the personal and cultural confidence and skills to realise their aspirations. Every sector has a part to play: business, community, local government, arts groups, individuals.
From these roots the rest will follow: improved built environment (please stop pulling down historic buildings by the way); science and innovation, cultural growth, mental and physical health, tourism, entrepreneurship.
Supporting powerful initiatives such as: the Children’s University; grass-roots sports and arts / performing arts spaces; science clubs such as Imagineering; youth centres; adult learning activities; after-school clubs and trips will help strengthen the roots from which we will grow and blossom.

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1 comment on “Grow from strong roots

  1. This is a great suggestion, knowledge is everything. It’s also a great foundation in which to build upon.
    There is a great deal to be restored during/after the Covid disaster. There will be many who need mental health support. If implemented correctly, this could be a turning point for the Scarborough borough.
    Thank you Richard for what you’ve written, I agree with all you have written.

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