Hall Park

There should be more investment in the grounds of hall park to attract visitors and locals. There are multiple examples of towns and cities that have vibrant outdoor refreshment and recreation areas next to culturally important sites. If there was a seating/benched area beside the castle, with a stand or bar that sold refreshments and beer, imagine the crowds in the summer months.

At the moment the park is only really used my dog walkers and joggers, there’s no reason for people to hang around. If there was a space like this created, it could also be used to host events and entertainment, such as live sporting events (Projected onto the side of the castle?), singers, food/drink festivals. The area directly adjacent the castle, where they have hosted plays ion the past, would be a great patch of land to do this.

If this was to happen and hall park be used more, this would also strengthen the argument for more investment on the castle itself.

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2 comments on “Hall Park

  1. I think they should invest in hall park to it’s a big part of the history we have in Workington it’s a lovely place to walk round in maybe renovate it into a museam or a period hotel

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