Do you think Mablethorpe should build a harbour / marina. That way holiday makers can enjoy it eating their fish and chips etc. It could bring in monies from the boat mooring, stalls etc that could be rented out along it, local boat trips and water sports, local fishing club, a few commercial boats landing their catch etc and it’s within keeping with a traditional sea side town. It would provide a few jobs as well for people working on or from the pier as well as good for tourism. Also a marina wall going out would disrupt the tide flow and could possibly help prevent them having to pump dredged sand up lower down the coastline that cost millions every year (I believe this is EU funded and that funding will end with Brexit)

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10 comments on “Harbor

  1. A harbour/marina would be a fantastic asset to the coast here and enhance its popularity as it would be unique to the Lincolnshire Coast. Fresh seafood could be sold to local shops and restaurants. Boat trips could be offered and launches for boats, jet skies etc.

  2. The best part of Mablethorpe is the beach and if you built a marina, tidal pool and painted the wall to change it from concrete into something that catches the eye tourism would improve and with that so do work opportunities.
    Just recently we have started to see kite surfers, and jet skis this is an area which would grow if there was a place that you could launch from so a marina with a launch slope would be good,

  3. What about sea view venues as on the continent with wind out awnings and heaters so people can still dine alfresco and look at our beautiful beaches even in inclement weather. The continent ent can do it so why can’t we

  4. A marina … No brainier !! With a seafront swimming pool .
    The town needs footfall for not just the summer season .
    Leanne has got it right , a proper local !!

  5. You only have to look at other coastal villages to see that the majority have harbours and with the recent brexit the fishing industry will once again thrive and land there own catches. This will bring employment, business, income, supplies for local fish shops, keeping local ‘local’. Harbours/marinas always attract sightseeing and a place to sit and relax. Also a great chance to teach children valuable lesson living on the coast of lifesaving/ fishing/ boatbuilding/ swimming, the opportunities are endless and as we already have the RNLI and COASTWATCH, safety would not be compromised but bring all these together to work side by side in educating and supporting our community and visitors which are mablethorpe’s life blood.

  6. What better to see at the seaside apart from attractions we already have e.g. Donkeys on the beach,than boats, fishing boats,perhaps ski jets (although insurance would have to be involved),boat trips along the coast with picnics for stops along the way,fishing trips.

  7. This is what is needed to put the town back on the tourist map along with pedestrianised shopping area, it will bring tourists who spend money this will help business owners and offer the opportunity to reinvest in the town by making the smaller changes such as swimming pool, coastal path work etc

  8. I recall that the consultation on future flood defences included placing rock ‘arms’ outwards from the beach. These could be used as the basis for a harbour.

    A pier would have to extend a considerable distance however it would provide another attraction.

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