Hate the Sovereign Centre Replacement

The area around Boscombe High Street is too small to adequately provide for all the things that the plans are hoping to achieve i.e. lots of new homes, retail, enterprise and cultural areas and I believe that there is too much emphasis on additional housing at the expense of enhancing the shopping centre. Boscombe should concentrate on providing an exemplary shopping/eating out experience in a pleasant, safe environment which will enable it to compete with other High Streets and create jobs. This is an opportunity to enhance Boscombe by emulating the best buildings in the town i.e. those of the Victorian/Edwardian era which would blend seamlessly with the Royal Arcade. I was very disappointed to see the huge ugly characterless building looming over the square which replaces the Sovereign Centre. It has no merit for future generations. I like the idea of a square but not with that on the side of it! What are the architects thinking of and when will they learn from their mistakes?

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