Hazard Alley School Visit Support

That sufficient funding is made available to Hazard Alley, a charity that runs an interactive safety education centre, to facilitate every school to send one year group in MK per year on a visit. Hazard Alley offers an immersive, interactive tours of its life size village introducing danger and risk in a safe way that is highly engaging and memorable. A visit teaches critical lifeskills as well as inculcating positive attitudes and behaviours towards safety that stay with children into adulthood. Our tour guides are volunteers. They live locally and offer their time because they care about the next generation, for social reasons, and to gain work experience. Teaching children how to stay safe at such a receptive age helps them take care of themselves and their families. Every accident averted because of the educational intervention reduces the emotional impact on families and the financial impact on the emergency services. Tight school budgets are stopping kids from visiting.

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