Health, Wellness & Sport Campus

The development of the imaginative, inclusive and world-leading community initiative for Health, Wellness and Sport at the Severn Campus on the Hylton Road.
Alongside the existing University of Worcester (UW) Arena, the campus will provide an International Inclusive Cricket and Education centre for a vast number of participants, ranging from thousands of local youngsters to National Disability teams. Clearly, the increased number of UK and international visitors to the centre and the city will be beneficial to the local economy.
The Health & Well-Being Hub will focus on increasing the opportunity for physical activity for those within our region who are currently inactive or rehabilitating (currently 300 seniors engaging in the Active Ageing programmes at UW). The campus will offer opportunity for physical activity throughout the life course at every level of ability and age, guiding adults and children into being self-motivated and regular participants in physical activity.

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117 comments on “Health, Wellness & Sport Campus

  1. The University of Worcester continues to be world class in sporting partnerships, community development and has a dynamic approach to delivering programs where a broader society is the beneficiary. The expansion and evolution of this site is an exciting proposition which will benefit future generations on so many levels.

  2. Such an exciting and much needed project. For the potential use of anyone and everyone too – just a brilliant opportunity not to be missed.

  3. As a Visiting Professor in Disability Sport I am proud of my ongoing association with the University of Worcester. Nationally we are leading the way and have a proven track record of delivering inclusive opportunities to our students, local community groups and national sport organisations. The University continues to demonstrate a real commitment to inclusive physical activity and sport and I have no doubt this new development will further enhance the activity experiences of many individuals and groups.

  4. Great idea! Perfect for the community as well as current and prospective students at the university! Especially with the current times, health and well-being is so very important!

  5. This a fantastic opportunity for Worcester to develop inclusive and world leading facilities that benefit all sectors of the community. An absolute ‘must do’ for the city of Worcester!

  6. I’ve worked various events at the University of Worcester Arena in the past so I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of new and inclusive events there will be at the International Inclusive Cricket and Education centre. Health and wellness is at the forefront of all of our thoughts at the moment so this will be perfect!

  7. A fantastic opportunity for the University to keep improving the facilities and wider opportunity for the local community.
    The benefits for all will be massive for everyone who will use.

  8. I think this is a fantastic project that will not only offer great facilities to students and the wider Worcester population, but also put Worcester firmly ‘on the map’ within disability sport around the world!

    Great initiative and well done for supporting!

  9. This is excellent and another way the University is demonstrating that inclusion is at the core of their values. Utilising sport, health and well being as a vehicle will be great for not only the university but the city and wider community.

  10. Would love to see this initiative come to flourish! Would be amazing to provide further opportunities for our local sporting disability community. This would also feed into the local economy very well too, with the introduction of more people visiting Worcester City centre.

  11. Fantastic opportunity for Worcester not just in offering a wider range of facilities for the students at the University, but for the wider community as a whole. This would be a great benefit in expanding sporting facilities within the county.

  12. This will provide much needed space for both current and perspective students, in addition to the surrounding community. This will Provide a platform to continue progressing sport in the county at both an amateur and professional level.

  13. This project will provide a fresh set of opportunities to develop sport and sporting provision in Worcester. I believe this will benefit not only young people and students but all residents of Worcester for future recreational sporting activities.

  14. This much needed project not only supports the healthy lifestyles initiative but provides yet more of a pull factor to boost the city. We should surely be supporting anything that achieves growth and provides opportunities for healthier living. Turning this down would be illogical and immoral I believe.

  15. As a student this will provide excellent facilities for current and prospective students attending the university, as well as prospective students in the future. It will also help to benefit the local area

  16. This campus will strengthen the city as a whole. Attracting more people to the city and increasing its image as a whole. The university has already given so much to the town and can’t wait to give more.

  17. Will allow the university to bring both riverside and St Johns campus. Will also allow more university students to engage in the local community

  18. A fantastic opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the University and wider community, so much good can be achieved working together on a project like this. It will be transformational for so many people.

  19. I think this is a great suggestion, it will definitely benefit our community in and around Worcester. Will be good to create links between the students and the inactive population to help the wellbeing of all involved.

  20. What a fantastic opportunity for the city and a great way for students and the community to interact and improve health and well being! Can’t wait to see it all in action!

  21. This sounds fantastic and would be a further benefit to the local community, including school children. The Arena is a fantastic facility and more like this would undoubtedly be welcomed by the local community. How exciting!

  22. This sounds like a fantastic project that will enhance people’s health and wellness in Worcester and the wider community. This will have a positive long term impact which will result in so many benefits to the people and the city of Worcester.

  23. This will provide an amazing opportunity for activity and sporting development for students, sport clubs and the public. The importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle is becoming more detrimental in a technology driven world, and having facilities like this on our doorstep will encourage all generations to become and stay active.

  24. What an exciting development for the city of Worcester! Great to see the University working with the community to promote health and wellbeing for all.

  25. As someone that works closely with the university in a coaching role I see first hand what the university offers and how it benefits the wider community. This initiate should be supported as it genuinely benefits the city and helps grow what is an already fantastic representative of Worcester

  26. Cricket is a fast developing sport within schools with many independent schools now opting to play it instead of rounders. Allowing far more students to access the sport and therefore promoting further development outside of school. This development would only help the growing enthusiasm for this sport & give greater opportunities to all.

  27. What a great idea and one that everyone can benefit from. It will definitely encourage many others around the area to get involved in such a great community.

  28. As a student, I think this is another great facility for us and others to use. My time here has opened my eyes to inclusive sport and i am proud to say I am a student at the University of Worcester.

  29. The work that is already going on in Worcester for inclusive sport is brilliant and this facility means the great work can continue and improve. I am looking forward to seeing the final plans.

  30. A fantastic inclusive facility that will benefit us all, and some great opportunities for community engagement. Looking forward to it!

  31. A fantastic idea that will become a wonderful resource for the community. The facility and its associated programmes will have such a positive impact on the health and wellbeing for so many.

  32. Great idea and a fantastic way to integrate sport and health into the community. Another great iniciative from the University of Worcester.

  33. This development is both important and much needed. Bearing in mind the current challenges faced by in Worcester and the “wider community” the proposed initiative cannot be better timed.
    A number of vulnerable groups who have previously found difficulty engaging in social and physical activity settings can now find a place that is welcoming and developmental.All parties associated with this proposal and should be applauded in this “bold initiative” which will seen to be set a bench mark for others to follow.

  34. A fantastic initiative that will benefit the sector massively and put Worcester on the map for inclusive sporting opportunities. Can’t wait!

  35. Worcester continues to lead the way in inclusive sport, from building the arena to now creating this facility. Will not only help the local community but increase participation in inclusive sport and help students get exciting jobs in the future. The facility will benefit members of the local community and help sports organisations get deprived young people into sport!

    Can’t wait for it!

  36. I welcome the innovation of the University of Worcester in providing a Health, Wellness & Sport Campus, whereby all these diverse activities are brought together in an exciting wellness hub, that creates opportunities for all.

  37. This sounds like a really exciting idea. It will be really good to see something really innovative and world-beating, as well as beneficial for the local community, on this site.

  38. Wonderful proposition that will provide real inclusive benefit and hugely benefit the health and well being of the local and wider community. I can imagine its use will be highly sort after by a number of sporting organisations who are fit for purpose and in need of this innovative project to assist them in delivering both specialist and fundamental grass roots programs across the board

  39. Amazing facility. Would be amazing to expand the awareness of cricket for all aspects, disability, blind, women’s and the men’s game. It allows high quality practice and the university will gain massively.

  40. What a fantastic facility this will provide for a sector that really need it. A world class facility, that will benefit the whole Worcestershire community and provide the city with a much needed boost to its economy. Another sporting venue for the city to be really proud.
    Well done to all concerned.

  41. This is an incredible initiative that will put Worcester on the map as THE place for disability inclusion. Importantly, this will mean going beyond ‘Paralympic dreams’ which are the objectives of only a very small percentage of the disabled community. A hub with a focus on health and wellness provides empowering opportunities for people wanting to reach peak quality of life, and have the same opportunities for health and wellness as the general population. This can also be an opportunity to educate people about disability such that discrimination and stigma are challenged. This is an unbelievable chance to create an equitable, accessible, empowering space in the heart of Worcester that could springboard a legacy of disability inclusion.

  42. A great opportunity to both support the local community and challenge the social norms that prevent inactivity.
    Furthermore, this initiative will enhance students understanding of health and wellness following the pandemic.

  43. What a fantastic opportunity for both the City of Worcester and the University. Fully support the essential need for the spotlight being focused on the health and well being of the wider community through this initiative. The importance of promoting physical activity throughout the wider spectrum of the community can not be understated.

  44. What a wonderful proposal which would have a significantly positive impact on the health and well being of many within the local and wider community.
    I hope this is given the full support it deserves.

  45. Please support this, health and wellbeing have never been so important. This is a great idea from a forward thinking University, this will benefit Worcester and beyond for many tears to come.

  46. This new facility could offer opportunity to so many people from our local community and beyond. For example to family carers and younger people with dementia.

  47. A great opportunity to support increasing physical activity in groups that are underrepresented in mainstream activity settings. Particularly at this current moment in time when we need people to be physically and mentally fit to help prevent and recover from Covid-19.

  48. This is a fantastic opportunity to support all people in the community to enhance both their physical and emotional well being. It reinforces the government agenda to improve healthy outcomes and demonstrates that Worcester is a city the prides itself on achieving excellent outcomes for all.

  49. What a remarkable initiative that will have a significant impact on the community. Well done to all of those colleagues at the University who had the vision and the drive to create the hub. We at afPE look forward to seeing the difference it will make.

  50. A project that will be beneficial to the well being of a wider community must be highly recommended and supported. Two of the keys to societal improvement are health and happiness.

  51. This is a fantastic opportunity for the university and the city of Worcester in the current climate when health and wellness have become so important. This will ensure Worcester is a leading authority in the area of inclusive physical and emotional education. The impact will be beneficial for all ages. This project deserves support to ensure the opportunities it can create are not missed.

  52. This is a brilliant opportunity for the whole of Worcester. The students and the community benefit so much when they work together. Now more than ever a focus on wellbeing is what is needed and this is such an innovative way to do it.

  53. What a fantastic proposition for the city of Worcester especially in light of COVID-19. There has never been a more opportune time to support this kind of initiative especially as it is underpinned by the wonderful University of Worcester! The Arena is an amazing example of what could be in store if this project is supported.

  54. Worcester going from strength to strength with this idea. Leading the way for the health & well being of the community. Thumbs up for everyone involved.

    1. This is a brilliant opportunity for Worcester to widen it’s facilities usage and bring the community together as a whole whilst promoting sport – it’s a great facility that will bring along the ability to include everyone no matter disability, age, race, it gives everyone the opportunity to get involved without having to worry about the standard of the facility.

  55. I am proud to live and work in Worcester. As a Principal Lecturer in Adapted Sport at the university I can fully endorse the dedication of the entire team and staff at making all sites inclusive and safe. Not only that I want to challenge hearts and minds in broadening people’s knowledge surrounding inclusive practices in the wider community and I believe this will be a fantastic opportunity to offer that. It truly is a wonderful and exciting time.

  56. This sounds like fabulous proposal and will take Worcester to the next level of education. It would be a great bonus for the community.

  57. This is a fantastic idea and will be an important resource for the community, building on the inclusive work that the University has been leading on for several years now.
    As others have said, this is current in the light of Covid and the emphasis on exercise, health and well-being for all is an important and timely focus, which can only help to improve lives.

  58. At a time when Public Health is more important than ever, this is a great initiative by the University. I second the comments about risks associated with inactivity and poor lifestyle choices. The centre could have a big impact on the health of Worcester

  59. Worcester is leading the way in blending together education, health and top class sports facility, and doing it in a way not seen before. Full credit to the University and to everyone who has worked for this. Very commendable. I can see it going from strength to strength.

    The University in particular has made its mark!

  60. What an opportunity for the City of Worcester to make a real impact on the health and well-being of its communities, particularly those in the left behind communities. It has never been more important for us to work collaboratively for the benefit of the people.

  61. An exciting new development is exactly what the communities of Worcester need with health and well-being more important now than ever. It’s refreshing to see projects like this getting the attention they deserve and I can’t wait to see it develop into a health hub for the local community and for visitors to the city.

  62. What a fantastic proposition which will clearly make a big impact on the city. The arena has already made a huge difference to sport and events in the city and put Worcester on the map. Long may it continue and I hope the project gets the funding it deserves. Health wellbeing physical activity and inclusiveness has never been more important.

  63. This is just what our city needs. The University are yet again leading the way in inclusive sport and healthy lifestyle education. I use the Arena on a regular basis, as do my kids, and I am positive the health and wellness campus can have an even bigger impact upon my family and the community. Fingers crossed this project gets the funding it deserves so we can all benefit for many years to come.

  64. This is a fantastic initiative which will benefit the people and the City of Worcester. A positive impact on people’s health too which will be a huge success.

  65. What a great project. The arena is already a brilliant asset for the community and this addition could really be meaningful and put Worcester on the map.

  66. This is such an amazing idea! This will definitely welcome more people to Worcester. Other cities need to be doing the same.

  67. A fantastic development to put Worcestershire on the map with first class facilities in the heart of the city! The city would be leading the way for inclusion and disability but also benefits members of the local community, providing many with exciting opportunities.

  68. What an exciting project and exactly what the city needs. The health and well-being of all is so important and having a facility that will allow us all to live a more health and positive lifestyle is a must!

  69. This is exactly what this city needs and I fully support it. Sport should be inclusive to all, no matter what you circumstances and I for one would love to see the Arena and the Severn campus used in this way, supporting the health of our community.

  70. What a fantastic project, this will really benefit the City of Worcester. This is the sort of investment needed for our communities health and well-being.
    This project could not come at a more important time, it will support people from all walks of life.

  71. This really needs to get some serious funding, I have suffered form mental health for over 6 years, at the moment the arena has provided me with the tools to help cope better over recent years, this will not only improve the well-being benefits to me and other people that are struggling with mental health. The infrastructure and community spirit that Worcester University put into its projects are revolutionary having a new cricket hub will not only help the local the community but provide much needed mental health and wellness benefits to the nation.

  72. What a fantastic initiative. In the current climate, having a focus on the health and wellbeing of the local, national and international community couldn’t be more appropriate. Developing future generations in areas of national significance and social responsibility as well as enhancing Worcester’s reputation. I love visiting the arena and look forward to seeing the campus expand so I can enjoy the facilities further. A no brainier for me.

  73. This is such an exciting initiative to progress health, wellness and sport in Worcester. The campus and initiative will have such a positive impact at local, regional, national and international level for a diverse range of people. The University is already leading the way in Inclusive Practice and it is exciting to see this continue and progress.

  74. This is a fantastic idea which will benefit the whole community. It will help meet our targets in improving the overall health of local people across all ages. The university has a long history of working in partnership with local agencies. The Hive is a good example of this. Good luck!

  75. A very exciting addition to the city and the county of Worcestershire. A chance to really develop inclusion and diversity within sport. Over the last 3 years of working in sport in the county, inclusion has always been an area of focus for the county and this is helped develop sport across all areas of lifestyle. Having a facility that can look to bring the community together and showcase what we are able to achieve will not only boost our visibility in sport and inclusivity circles but will also increase the attraction to sport in the community!

  76. The plan to develop Severn Campus is very exciting as it will strengthen the provision of sport and inclusive activity in the area. It will increase the opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to get involved in sport, health and well-being in Worcester. The Arena already provides an important facility for both the university and the community.

  77. A highly appropriate inclusive development which builds on the innovative work the University already engages in – very exciting!

  78. A fantastic initiative which would continue to put Worcester at the forefront of inclusion and disability sport by creating world class facilities for athletes, students and the local community.
    Its such an important time to encourage health and well-being and this development will drive this forward. A very exciting initiative for both the University and Worcester!

  79. Increase mental and physical health and well-being, highlight and grow inclusive sport and also benefit the local economy – in the world we currently occupy this feels like a no brainer…

  80. This exciting development would bring world class facilities to the city.
    The facility would not only ensure that Worcester leads the way with inclusive sport, but would also benefit thousands of members of the local community.
    A great initiative!

  81. This promises to be a brilliant addition to Worcester’s sporting infrastructure and will hopefully lead to promoting positive health and wellbeing among the local community and beyond.

    It will also enhance the reputation of both the University and Worcester as a genuine sports city that leads by example and is prepared to back what it says by building world class facilities and working in partnership with local community organisations.

  82. Worcester University leading the way in inclusive health and fitness once again. What a wonderful new development, with opportunities for the local community of all ages and abilities!

  83. Once again the University is at the forefront of innovation
    The ideas and difficulties of bringing world class facilities to Worcester have never deterred the team in ensuring those ideas are followed through and implemented .Collabroation and cooperation is the key and the University is never shy in taking positive people and organisations with it .
    The facilities will vastly enhance the city’s reputation nationally and across the world whist being available for individuals and organisations within the city and the county .

  84. What an exciting opportunity for the city and a venue that will no doubt benefit the wider community through an inclusive culture. Worcester could continue to lead the way in terms of inclusion which will boost tourism, the local economy and more importantly help to educate healthy lifestyles and attitudes of young people across the region. A genuinely exciting project.

  85. This is fantastic on all levels, although I’m especially pleased to see the continuing investment in disability sport. This is such a challenging time for the sector and this investment is a really important move to ensure that disability sport keeps moving forward.

    1. What a great idea and one that everyone can benefit from. It will definitely encourage many others around the area to get involved in such a great community.

  86. A wonderful and exciting addition to Worcester’s sporting infrastructure. A facility that will provide benefits to the whole community and beyond whilst enhancing Worcester’s reputation as a global centre of inclusive excellence.

  87. What a fabulous development this will be. Health and well-being have never been more important. We’re very excited about it!

    1. Absolutely essential resource that will put Worcester on the map as THE place to be for inclusion and equitable access. More importantly, this goes beyond sport and the ‘Paralympic elite’ idea (which is great for some) such that more people will find a space where they can work on wellness in a safe, supportive, affirming, empowering atmosphere. This space provides an opportunity for disabled people to pursue the highest quality of life possible, and also provides an opportunity to educate others about disability inclusion to reduce stigma and discrimination. I think this proposition could be the start of an incredible legacy of disability inclusion – and it’s starts on Worcester!

  88. This looks like a great chance for improvement within the Worcester community, and would bring about a real increase in the wellbeing and health of the area, something definitely needed.

  89. This is a brilliant idea. It is definitely something that the city needs and it will have a great impact on the Worcester community!

  90. This sounds like a fantastic community initiative, not only will Worcester be put on the map with regards inclusion and disability sports, but the importance of investment in our communities health and well-being were specifically highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic especially with our aging population and inactivity increasing the risk to our community.
    This is the sort of initiative that will make a long lasting and positive effect to our city and community, with the support of our University and Local Council.

  91. This is a very exciting proposition which will clearly make a significant impact not only on health and well being across a broad range of the community, but welcome more people into Worcester!
    The University of Worcester already have proven success in many areas of improving levels of physical activity and wellness and have no doubt this innovative expansion would be a huge success.

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